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Episode 118 - it’s Hot!!🥵🥵

I bet we all believe in climate change now!

Episode 117 - Friday Night Time

Now you know what Friday’s means. We jam do some throwbacks and talk about current events. Guess what we’re talking about tonight. 🤣😂

Episode 115 - WPIMP Radio

How is your day so far.

Episode 115 - WPIMP Radio

How is your day so far.

Episode 113 - How Are You A Freak But Stay Single

Let’s talk about it live on the air.

Episode 112 - Friday Night Throwback Mix

Come check out some of this classic Hip Hop and R&B.

Episode 111 - Snowfall Conclusion Did You Like It

The show Snowfall has come to a conclusion after 6 seasons. Some people seem excited for the conclusion and some think it fell short. What dude are you on?

Episode 110 - Friday Night Hustle

It’s another Friday with your Player Partner King Kane

Episode 109 - well Damn Trump Will Be Indicted

Let’s take a poll. Leave a comment if you think Trump is going to jail or you think it’s just a joke.