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Best-selling author, professor, and entrepreneur Scott Galloway brings you sharp business analysis and surprising insights four times a week.On Mondays, Scott offers unique insights on the top business stories, market performance, and predictions for the week ahead. On Wednesdays, Scott answers questions from his listeners on topics ranging from career advice to business strategies to life decisions. On Thursdays, Scott delivers a fresh take on the business of tech and a conversation with a ‘blue-flame thinker’ shaping the innovation economy. On Saturdays, George Hahn, actor and raconteur, reads Scott’s webby award-winning weekly newsletter No Mercy No Malice offering listeners...

America’s Progress Has Stalled — with Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson, a staff writer at The Atlantic and host of the Plain English podcast, joins Scott to discuss why he believes America is at a standstill when it comes to progress, including the lack of trust in institutions and a need for an abundance agenda. Follow Derek on Twitter, @DKThomp. Scott opens by discussing potential business opportunities for WhatsApp. He then shares his thoughts on Buzzfeed’s decision to use OpenAi to create content.Algebra of Happiness: understanding the purpose of …

Office Hours: Recessionary Signals, Investing Advice, And Dealing With a Toxic Work Environment

Scott discusses what the increasing layoffs and reductions in force (RIFs) actually mean for our economy. He then gives insight on how to build economic stability through your investments, and ends with advice to a young professional dealing with a toxic work environment.Music: / @dcuttermusic Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Prof G Markets: Tesla’s Earnings Beat, Chevron’s Share Buybacks, and Elliott’s Salesforce Stake

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott reflects on Tesla’s latest earnings, semi-truck deliveries, and price cuts. He then offers his thoughts on the ugly side of share repurchasing programs, and explains why this will be the year of the activist investor. Music: / @dcuttermusic Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

No Mercy / No Malice: More Babies

As read by George Hahn. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Antitrust in the Age of Monopolies — with Tim Wu

Tim Wu, a professor of law at Columbia University and a former leading member of President Biden’s antitrust committee, joins Scott to discuss the state of antitrust regulation as well as his decision to leave his position at the White House. Follow Tim on Twitter, @superwuster. Scott opens with his thoughts on the recent lawsuits against popular AI art generators. He then shares his opinion on CO-CEOS.Algebra of Happiness: give yourself license to be down. Learn more about your ad …

Office Hours: Revenue Per Employee, Should I Move Production to Mexico? And Advice to an Early Career 23-year-old

Scott answers a question about using metrics like revenue per employee (RPE) to measure the success of a business. He then shares his thoughts with a luxury furniture designer about moving production to Mexico, and ends with advice on prioritizing career opportunities in your 20s.Music: / @dcuttermusic Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Prof G Markets: Disney’s Proxy War, Goldman’s Guidance Miss, and the Dating App Market

This week on Prof G Markets, Scott shares his thoughts on Nelson Peltz’s activist investment in Disney. He then explains why Goldman reported its largest earnings miss in a decade. Finally, Scott discusses the business of dating apps like Hinge, and sources some personal experiences from his Gen Z team members. Music: / @dcuttermusic Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

No Mercy / No Malice: Porn and Tanks

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The AI Hype Cycle — with Gary Marcus

Gary Marcus, a professor emeritus of psychology and neural science at NYU and the author of “Rebooting AI,” joins Scott to discuss artificial intelligence including the overall hype cycle, ChatGPT, and useful applications. Follow Gary on Twitter, @GaryMarcus.Scott opens with his thoughts on CEO pay, specifically Tim Cook’s pay cut. He then wraps up by discussing a recent partnership between Walmart and Salesforce.Algebra of Happiness: your body is an instrument, not an ornament. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit …

Office Hours: Crisis Management 101, Ad-Supported Streaming Tiers, and Achieving Economic Security

Scott answers a question regarding Southwest Airlines’ epic failure over the holidays and explains the three things a company should consider when dealing with a crisis. He also answers a question about Hulu and the other streamers offering ad tiers, and wraps by offering advice on deciding when you’ve reached economic security. Music: / @dcuttermusic Learn more about your ad choices. Visit