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Conversations and talks for young people to help them grow, invest in themselves and use their creative gifts to influence the outside world.

Major Change, Major Breakthrough // Dez's Story So Far

If you've known about this podcast for a long time, you'll know JT started this and had Dez as his first guest on the podcast back in May 2020. This episode felt nostalgic, but today we reflected on the changes Dez made in his sporting career and how helpful that has been in his journey up until're going to enjoy this one, we promise!enjoy and God bless you all.Support this podcast at —

Are We Seeking Each Other's Approval or God's? // Comparison

what's goood guys, happy Sunday.let's dive into today's topic and verse: comparison it all negative or can it be beneficial for us?Support this podcast at —

Our Plans Aren't Final // God's Purpose Prevails

what can we control? what can’t we control?is our desire for control hindering you in any way? how?breaking free from past views of ourselves and othershaving patience in the process — whatever the process is for you (healing, major lifestyle changes etc.)all this AND MORE!enjoy lovely people, and have a blessed rest of your Sunday evening.Support this podcast at —

Carrying Each Other's Burdens // Friendships

how intentional are we with our friendships?do we check up with them and have regular conversations?what are we discussing in those conversations? and how are these conversations shaping our view of ourselves, others and God?Support this podcast at —

Enduring The Tests.

How do we view tests, trials and tribulations?How should we view them according to God? We want to provide some encouragement this evening in this episode.Proverbs 3:25-2625 Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked,26 for the Lord will be at your side and will keep your foot from being snared.Support this podcast at —

Idols // What's Taking Up Our Lives?

evening people!we hope you've had a blessed week thus far -- we're here to get you thinking and/or engaging again as we discuss the idea of idols, whether people or things, and the prevalence we allow them to have in our lives.hope you enjoy this one! God bless you allINSTAGRAM: MENTION: find yourself so...

Culture Clash // The Kingdom over the World

what's good VisionsFamilyyyyy!this week we're getting into a culture clash, God's Kingdom principles, against the world's principles and how we navigate this.stay tuned.ALSO, a quick shoutout to the Holy Club as well, please go check those guys out. Faith-based brand. Amazing quality. Even greater message. All in for the glory of God. Go check them out for yourselves and you'll understand why what they hype is about. The link below is to their website. Lots more from them to come …

Wisdom & Knowledge // How Can We Apply It?

hello wonderful people!we hope this new episode finds you well!today's chat we touched on wisdom, knowledge and understanding and how we can apply it into our lives, with examples from our own personal lives where we have lacked it, shown it and how we aim to be more intentional with it.enjoy and God bless you all!Support this podcast at —

Nutrition for Track & Field Athletes // Neuff Athletic x The Visions Podcast

In collaboration with Neuff Athletic, we sit down together and Destiny gives some top tips when it comes to nutrition and how it relates to training, competitions, off-seasons, and even more. A link to their website for more info and advice is below: MESSAGE BELOW!Below are 2 links to the Lloyd Cowan Bursary and Rob George Foundation. These two sponsors are for athletes that need funding in order to progress their athletics careers:

New Year, Same Goal?

hey guys, this is a follow on from last week's episode on being purposeful and intentional in 2023.enjoy and stay blessed!Support this podcast at —