Dogman Encounters Radio

by Vic Cundiff
Everyone has heard about Bigfoot. Not many know that there's a much more terrifying cryptid stalking the deepest, darkest woods of North America and beyond. Tune in every Friday night, at 9PM EST, as eyewitnesses share the terrifying details of their real-life Dogman encounters with you. These are real eyewitnesses, not actors. If you listen to this show, you'll never look at the woods the same way again!

More Frightening Than a Dogman! - Dogman Encounters Episode 445

Are you afraid of Dogmen? If you are, that doesn’t make you any different from most people who know about them. Well, tonight’s guest, Marshall, has had numerous encounters with them, but says that he doesn’t fear them. He did have an encounter with something else, though, that shook him to the core! You see, late one night, around 2 AM, when he was living in an apartment, in Jeffersonville, Indiana, he had just come out of his bedroom when he realized that he wasn’t alone. It was the kind of company no one would want. The experien...

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