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118 - Recent events- The Baghdad Phantom, Alien motherships, Whistleblowers and Hearings

So I'm back! Thanks for bearing with me folks, as I mentioned I've started a new job so it's been a bit hectic recently and then I got ill to top it all off. I thought I'd do an episode catching up with some of the big events of the last few weeks. I give my thoughts on The Baghdad Phantom, Alien motherships, Whistleblowers and Hearings and a few other bits along the way. You can find me on twitter …

117 – Monthly Roundtable discussion – UFO Shootdowns, Colm Kelleher on Cattle Mutilations, AARO Testimonies

So this week’s episode is another monthly roundtable discussion with Myself, Ash, Greg and Dave. We talked about the UFO Shootdowns, Colm Kelleher on Cattle Mutilations, AARO Testimonies aswell as a few other bits. Please note- there won’t be an episode next week, I have just started a new job and need a week to focus on getting my new routine in order but I’ll be back as normal the week after

116 – UK UFO Report 2022 with Ash Ellis

In this week’s episode I am joined by Ash Ellis, founder of UFO Identified and co host of the Pursuit of the Paranormal podcast. We go through the UFO Identified UK UFO report 2022 and breakdown all the key stats, discussing what they could mean. You can find us on twitter- @UFOthinker @idenitfiedUFO

115 – Recent Events – UFOs shot down over USA and Canada

So in this weeks episode I address the wild ride we’ve been on this last week, with reports of UFOs, being shot down over the USA/Canada. I tried to go through the timeline of what happened, my own thoughts on it and what to expect going forward, aswell as analysing some of the fallout from this. Fascinating times unfolding before our very eyes. Let me know your thoughts, twitter - @ufothinker Patreon.com/ufothinker

114 – Recent Events – The Spy Balloon, Jay Stratton steps forward and more

So in this week’s episode I’m joined by Dave Smethurst to talk through some pretty important recent events over the last week or so. We discussed the spy balloon, Jay Stratton stepping out of the shadows and much more. Hope you enjoy listening twitter - @UFOthinker @dsmethurst66

113 - The Conscioussness Panel - UFOs, UAP, Conscioussness and the Nature of Reality

So here is this week's episode, a panel discussion about UFOs, UAP, Conscioussness and the Nature of Reality. I was joined by Nathan, Davey and Ash to discuss some pretty deep topics on this one, it was a fascinating discussion. You can find Nathan on his podcasts Calling all Beings and Liminal Phrames and on twitter @awaifsoul Davey Johnston has a podcast called Shifting Gears and is on twitter @daveyjohnston You can find Ash on twitter @UK_UAP

112 - Monthly Roundtable Discussion - Mosul Orb, The 2022 UAP report, San Marino, NIM Flying Saucer Patch updates

Here is this week's episode, the monthly roundtable discussion with Ash and Greg, and we're joined by Dave and Ash (UK UAP) for this one too. We discussed The Mosul Orb, The 2022 UAP report, San Marino, as well as a few other bits along the way. hope you enjoy! you can find us on twitter- Frank @UFOthinker Ash @identifiedUFO Greg @paranormalGregT Dave @dsmethurst66 Ash @UK_UAP

111 - UFOs - Where do we go from here? w/Dave

In this week's episode, Dave joins me as we talk about where we go from here in the UFO field. We broke this down into three main areas: 1 What is out there to uncover, what is the extent of the UFO cover up? 2- how is it all going to work with this NDAA process? 3- what are we likely to see come out in the years to come as a result of all this? This was great for …

110 - Breaking News, UAP Report initial thoughts w/Dave

So here is a bonus episode, discussing the new pentagon UAP report which just came out yesterday at long last, having been originally due on the 31st October 2022. I was joined by Dave, where we talked through some of the key takeaways, the fallout and discussed where we go from here

109 - Discussion with Dr Michael P Masters - Time travellers, future humans and UFOs

For this week's episode, I was joined by Dr Michael P Masters, a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Tech who received a Ph.D. in Anthropology from The Ohio State University in 2009, specialising in human evolutionary anatomy, archaeology, and bio-medicine. Also someone who has contributed significantly in recent years to the UFO field, authoring the books Identified Flying Objects and most recently, the extra tempestrial model. We discussed Masters' theory about future humans being behind the UFO mystery, time …