Since 2012, this project begun to be a platform for new artists from Mexico and to the world. Now, with this new concept, this show becomes a podcast, not daily, weekly or monthly, just when time comes, to bring you some of the best sounds of Trance and the subgenres of this music.

TRANCE-MISSION Presents The Timeless Mix 004 - Who's Afraid Of 138? Vol. 1

TRANCE-MISSION presents The Timeless Mix 004.This new project from the radioshow TRANCE-MISSION.A monthly mix with some of the best sounds of Trance from all the history of the genre. A 60-90 minute mix where only you need to sit, press play and enjoy the sounds that Trance give to us.This time with a special mix for the 13th anniversary of this radioshow, now podcast: The Who's Afraid Of 138? Edition Vol. 1Enjoy the fourth episode of this new project of TRANCE-MISSION.#Trance #TranceFamily #TranceFamilyMexico

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