Too Much Game Podcast

by Towne House Media
The perspective of a man from Compton, California who learned from his mistakes and the mistakes of others. Uncle Dolemite is here to share his knowledge and experience in an authentic and humorous way

Episode 203 - Amos 3:3

In this episode Uncle Dolemite briefly discusses the heat Diddy is catching from his recent scandal with Cassie. He rolls into the necessity for people to move with tact and respect. You should never leave any interaction with people disrespectfully unless is is totally necessary because you never know what opportunity they will have to use your moves against you. As always manhood and leadership are discussed as well the the importance of surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals and avoiding …

Episode 202 - More Leaders, Less Influencers

In this episode Uncle Dolemite stresses the importance of having good leaders and being a good leader. He breaks down the characteristics of a good leader and the necessity of having leadership in your life. The episode was aimed towards men to hopefully promote them exhibiting the characteristics of true masculinity and manhood. http://Cash.App/$UncleDolemite

Episode 201 - Respect Sumthin'

In this episode Uncle Dolemite discusses the scandal involving Joe Smith and his wife Kisha Chavis, and how attention is ruining marriages and relationships in general. This episode breaks down the threat that social media poses to dating and the importance of self respect. We speak briefly about the lawsuit Cassie has against P. Diddy Sean Combs, Jada Pinkett Smith, and a few other things, give it a listen.http://Cash.App/$UncleDolemite

Episode 200 - Suga Free In The Sanctuary Ft. No Cutt The P

A conversation with the creator of the official soundtracc of the blade, the legendary Suga Free The P. The conversation covered a range of topics including, love, relationships, The P game, AI, and the necessity of legal representation in the music business. This was Uncle Dolemite's 41st birthday and absolutely a memorable one. Tap in.http://Cash.App/$UncleDolemite

Episode 199 - Turn Yo Clicc Up

In this episode Uncle Dolemite talks about the importance of keeping a circle that fits your future more than your past. You should have friends that inspire you, support you, and hold you accountable. Your friends should have common, goals, interests and drive as you have. Your circle should be those who are all moving in the same direction or you'll be holding each other bacc.http://Cash.App/$UncleDolemite

Episode 198 - The Suge Knight Freestyle

In this episode Uncle Dolemite discusses the fact that he'd be excited to listen to a podcast hosted by Suge Knight. He talks about whay he'd enjoy the podcast and the fact that many people in prison would have interesting shows. He briefly speaks on the importance of living life as opposed to simply existing and he closes the show on the concept of moving like the king on a chess board as opposed to moving like a pawn.http://Cash.App/$UncleDolemite

Episode 197 - Cut It Off

In this episode Uncle Dolemite discusses the ongoing campaign Jada Pinkett Smith has been on to ruin the reputation of her husband Will Smith. The aim of the show is to express to the listener the importance of cutting off toxic people and situations. In life the ability to walk away is the ultimate form of leverage. Anyone who's afraid to walk away won't be respected. You also have to separate from those who don't align with your goals, even …

Episode 196 - Be Secure in U

In this episode Uncle Dolemite is discussing the Drake response to what Joe Budden said on his podcast about his latest album "For All The Dogs". Drake had a petty response on Instagram for Joe's negative criticism saying that Drake's album was immature and made for a younger audience, even though Drake himself is a nearly 37 year old man. To that criticism, Drake pretty much called Joe a quitter who chose to podcast and hate due to the fact …

Episode 195 - Fucc Humility

In this episode Uncle Dolemite stresses the importance of going into any and every situation in life with confidence. He tells you that you should never dim your light to make anyone else feel comfortable. If your confidence bothers other people's insecurity, that's their problem, not yours. Have the confidence to know that you both deserve and can achieve success as long as you believe in yourself.http://Cash.App/$UncleDolemite<...

Episode 194 - U Wanna Be Free?

In this episode Uncle Dolemite discusses the different facets of freedom and what it takes to be free. He asks the audience if freedom is what they really want. The price of freedom may not be something everyone is willing to pay. He talks about financial freedom mostly, but there is a lot to take away from this episode.http://Cash.App/$UncleDolemite