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The Working Shoot: Fatal 4-Shows

On this episode Score, Tex and BDJ run through every single damn wrestling event going on this weekend. Literally, they talked about AEW, NXT, WWE, and Impact wrestling.

Lost Soles Episode 3

Lance, Twan and Taji discuss some of their favorite sneakers so far this year, what's in their closet, other drops they're looking forward to and more.

The Working Shoot: Draft Review & Backlash Preview

Score, Sway and Tex speak on their thoughts on the WWE Draft, give a preview of Backlash this weekend, and slander AEW.

Podcast About Nothing: 30 Minutes or Less

Jack has a date so let's get this show on the road. Topics include- Are Fig Newtons trash?- Will AI bring about the downfall of music as we know it?- Boxing talk (Spoiler: we took Tank)- NBA Playoff Predictions (Spoiler: BD was wrong)- Who's more famous? E-40 or Yo Gotti- The Ravens signed Odell Beckham Jr.- Twitter is washed- Who could run for president and unite our country again?

After Work: Blue Benjamin Sleepy

On this episode of After Work Blue Benjamin Sleepy pulled up and sat down with Jack to discuss everything from making timeless music, to Baltimore working together, to future plans and much more.

The Working Shoot: Life After Mania

Your favorite stable is back to talk all things wrestling.On this episode we recap Wrestlemania as well as the events that followed, speak on AEW's Wembley Stadium announcement, briefly preview the WWE draft and more.

After Work: Talking Code with Aaron Maybin

For this Episode of After Work, BD sits down with community leader and artist Aaron Maybin to discuss ideas of masculinity, contributing back to your community, and the importance of practicing what you preach.

162. Almighty

On this episode of the Working Title, Lance makes his flagship pod debut. The fellas discuss what music they're feeling, thoughts on Black TV, and other hilarious talk.

Lost Soles Episode 2

Lost Soles: The gang sat down to discuss everything from sneaker and fashion trends in 2023, to the importance of New Balance, and whether or not Fashion Nova is valid. We'd also like to officially welcome Lance to the Working Title team. He has been rocking with us since the beginning and we know he is destined for great things!

Literally An Episode About Nothing

Live from the vault, BD and Jack talk about nothing for an hour. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll leave a 5 star review and share with a friend. Ard talk to y'all later/