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by The Waffling Taylors
A fun and silly discussion about video games (both retro and contemporary), video game movies, and pretty much anything related to video games. It is hosted by brothers Jay and Squidge (who may or may not be a cartoon wolf), and featuring the best guests around - including some real video game development legends. Whether it's an in-depth discussion about video games, films surrounding video games, or light-hearted nonsense and tangents, this may be the pod for you.

Climbing the Gold Mountain with Rob and Tim

Remember that you can always get in touch with us on our Discord server, Facebook page, on Twitter, or with our Contact page.Adventurers and world-builders alike will be thrilled as Gold Mountain Games joined us to talk through The Saltreach Isles. Rob and Tim joined us to discuss their upcoming campaign, the world-building behind it, and whether the recent changes to the OGL will affect it. We also talk about their personal opinions on the changes to the OGL.Here's a sample of the full show notes - make sure to click through...

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