3-Bit Gamer Show

by The 3-bit Gamer Show
We invite a rotating guest host to put a hilarious twist on all things gaming - new releases, retro games, gaming culture, and gaming news. Recording out of Salt Lake City, Utah we bring all of the fun of gaming to your ears every week.

Episode 337 - Laid Off, Fae-d Off

We experience some (fake) crippling layoffs over at the JD Gamer Show.Activision acquisition looks like it is going through, Microsoft lawyers put it all out there, Macron loves video games, Unity tries to go takesy backsy. Then we have some really tasty Riblets. We do Love It, Leave It with game launches and JD reviews Fae Farm.

Episode 336 - All Puppets are Bastards

In the news we cover Embracer selling off Gearbox, the Unity story, and Donald Mustard announcing his retirement (and some other stuff).Then we do some Don't Game Devs where we talk about stuff game devs should stop doing. JD picks his Dice of Destiny game.

Episode 335 - The Road Sode

This is our first ever recording while actually driving on a road trip. The sound is a little tinny but the episode is on point. We have some news, we do some IRL, Peterson tells a story about a time he drove while watching a sitcom for 6 hours, we do Love It, Leave It, and then JD reviews his Dice game - Shadows Over Loathing.

Episode 334 - Taking Thickles

We start off with some gaming news followed by a JD asks where we talk about wholesome games. Then we play a Be Kind, Rewind about bugs in games because Peterson has been encountering a hilarious Sea of Thieves bug. JD selects his Dice of Destiny game.

Episode 333 - The Three-Hour Special

Because it's episode 333 we do a special 3-hour long episode (we broke recording up). Three people, three hours, three energy drinks. We have news then Good, Bad, and Ugly with Dani. Then JD reviews Forever Skies, Jenna reviews Sayonara Wild Hearts, we play a crazy Reindeer Game, and then Peterson reviews Symphony of War: the Nephilim Saga for his Dice game. It's a good, epic episode.

Episode 332 - Safe with a Grid

Nintendo tries to patent everything from Tears of the Kingdom, XBox rolls our their new 8-strike system, THQ Nordic does a showcase and we run it down, then some steamy riblets. JD asks about a time we've gone into the wrong areas too early in a game. Peterson picks his Dice game.

Episode 331 - Widowmaker Armpit

Recording from two different states we have a wild episode for you. In the news we're covering the gaming market bounceback, two guys stealing a Pokemon job, Kai Cenat some more, hilarious Overwatch 2 Steam reviews, and more. Then we play some Foodio Games and Be Kind, Rewind. Peterson reviews Choo Choo Charles.

Episode 330 - World War 3-Bit

We're coming after every country in this episode. Nobody is safe. Witcher producer blames young Americans for show's failure, China rolls back tech crackdown, Nintendo next gen console news leak, riot in NYC, then some dope riblets. Peterson asks what gaming stuff you would spend your money on if you were rich, we play some Sound Bits, then Peterson selects his Dice of Destiny game.

Episode 329 - Diving Into Games

We have 4 of us today. We do some news about gaming co-ops, Diablo 4's garbage battle pass, and Overwatch 2's lackluster numbers. And some Riblets of course. Jenna revisits VR game Pistol Whip. Peterson reviews Patch Quest, and we have a double Dice review for Neon Abyss and Coromon.

Episode 328 - Jet Lagging

Peterson is back from the UK and jet lagged hard. Who knows what you're going to get from his sleep addled brain. We do some news about gamer rage avenged, Hello Neighbor CEO goes hard for AI, and Ubisoft competes with itself over the next 9 months. Also some pretty great Riblets. Then we talk about games that we would be embarrassed to see our Hero's Path for, JD asks what the gaming equivalent of jet lag is, and then …