Inside the Tauntaun: A Podcast in the Multiverse of Fandom

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Three actor friends get to the guts of their fascination with space wizards, Avengers, and everything in-between. Join Alyssa, Daniel, Dino ”Inside the Tauntaun!”

The Mandalorian: Chapter 18 & 19 Review/Discussion

Join Alyssa and Daniel as they chat about Mando Season 3, Episodes 2&3! From The Living Waters to Taungsday, we've got you covered. Grab a Photon Fizzle or some Blue Milk and enjoy! Follow us: "Mandalorian Theme" by Ludwig Göransson

The Mandalorian: Chapter 17 ”The Apostate” Review/Discussion

After two long years--if you're not counting select episodes of the Book of Boba Fett--Mando has returned! Does the first episode continue the show's run of excellence? Has the gut-wrenching finale of season two been undone by the reunion of Mando and Grogu? Who will arise as the chief antagonist this season? Join Daniel and Dino as they attempt to answer these, and many more questions in this action-packed episode! Follow us: "Mandalorian Theme" by Ludwig Göransson

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Review and Discussion

Join the Tauntauns as they explore the third installment of the Ant-Man trilogy, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania! How does the latest Scott Lang flick hold up against the others? Does the ominous introduction of Kang the Conqueror stick the landing? Are general audiences finally feeling the effects of "Superhero fatigue?" These are but a few of the questions the gang attempts to answer in this not-so-ant-sized episode! Follow us: Quantumania theme by Christophe Beck

The Bad Batch Season 2: Episodes 1-5 Review w/ Chelle Denton

Daniel and Alyssa are joined by friend/Star Wars novice/quite Chelle Denton to discuss the second season of the Disney+ series The Bad Batch.

Tales of the Jedi: Review and Discussion

Happy New Year, nerds! Join Alyssa, Daniel, and Dino as they finally get around to unpacking Lucasfilm's latest animated Star Wars offering, Tales of the Jedi! From Dooku's fall to Ashoka having her "Obi-Wan" moment, the Tauntauns have you covered from every angle. Follow us: Music: "The Inquisitor" by Kevin Kiner

Inside the Tauntaun: The Year That Was and The Year to Come

Happy Holidays from the Tauntauns! Join Alyssa, Daniel, and Dino as they take a trip down memory lane, revisiting a jam-packed year in movies and television. From the Wars in the Stars still finding their footing to Marvel and DC's future world-building strategies, the Tauntauns have got you covered. Plus, a look ahead at 2023's breathtaking slate of projects. From the three of us, thank you for tagging along. We're glad you're here, we appreciate you, and we can't wait …

Andor: Episode 12 Review and Discussion

Daniel and Alyssa review the season 1 finale the Disney+ Star Wars series "Andor." Did they love every single episode but hate the season? Tune in to find out.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Review and Discussion

A tribute fit for a King. Join Daniel and Dino as they explore the emotionally soaring and action-packed memorial to Chadwick Boseman, and his titular Black Panther. Wakanda Forever theme by Ludwig Goransson. Follow us:

Andor: Episodes 10 & 11 Review and Discussion

The ENTIRE gang is here this week to discuss two of the more consequential pieces of story-telling in the Star Wars universe--perhaps ever. Andor Theme by Nicholas Britell Follow us:

Andor: Episode 9 Review and Discussion

Be it the casual nature of evil; the complications of rebellion; or the innate hopelessness of imprisonment, Andor is taking Star Wars where it has never gone before. Join Daniel and Dino as they explore the unsettling ninth episode of this game-changing series. Andor Theme by Nicholas Britell Follow us: