Weekend Party Entertainment Report

by Solid Gold Podcasts #BeHeard
Join Lance Zeeman and Hot 102.7 FM's Shane "The Duke" Wellington for your Weekend Party Entertainment Report. Another Solid Gold podcast #BeHeard

228 I Am Nirvana's Hawk

WILL SMITH and MICHAEL B. JORDAN finally team up, skateboard legend TONY HAWK announces a charity project inspired by KURT COBAIN, an A LIST cast heads up MAYBE I DO and BOND producer BARBARA BROCCOLI shuts down casting rumor's with one sentence. Musicians, e-mail your next gig to the HOT1027 GIG GUIDE at gig@hot1027.co.za Order some of THE DUKE'S FAMOUS HOT WINGZ for THE WEEKEND on WhatsApp +27793038711 we are legend · The Hawk enters Nirvana · ♥ SUNRISE with SHONA · Website

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