Sick Sad Cast

by SickSadCast
Join Nick and Manuel as they discuss pop culture, conspiracy theories, things that go bump in the night, and more!

Ep. 196 - How Does Hypnosis Work?

Nick and Manuel catch up and discuss hypnosis, how it works, and what science says about it.

Ep. 195 - Mysterious Military Stories and a Murder

Nick flies solo this week and shares some strange stories written by actual soldiers who served in Afghanistan. Then another story of murder, but this one also inspired an iconic scene from a horror movie.

Ep. 194.5 - Re-Upload - The Cryptid Files 1 & 2

This is a clip show of the two previous discussions on cryptids, the first part being about the Abominable Snowman and the Yeti, and part two covers Mermaids.

Ep. 194 - A Few Mythical Legends From Around the World

Nick and Manuel catch up from the past week and then discuss a few mythical legends from folklore in different parts of the world.

Ep. 193 - We’ll Deal With It Later

Nick and Manuel casually talk about taxing stories from their working pasts and why the attitude of dealing with problems later is a common practice at the workplace.

Ep. 192 - Sex Magick or Sex Magic?

After a 2 week break, Nick and Manuel discuss the conspiracy theory of how old nuclear bomb test footage is captured then talk about the belief in magic through sex. Because it always comes back to sex.

Ep. 191 - Random Housekeeping

To finish off the housekeeping from last week, Nick and Manuel also get drawn into conversations about scientists wanting to make a real Jurassic Park, a man buying an expensive dog costume, and a few conspiracy theories.

Ep. 190 - Long Form Housekeeping

Nick and Manuel break down housekeeping in such a long-form it takes up a whole episode. The funny thing is there was more but we'll save that part for next time.

Ep. 189 - Old Habits Never Die

Nick and Manuel discuss the old days of waiting in lines for midnight movies. Then two stories of murder, one by a group of assailants and the other by a caregiver to a child.

Ep. 188 - A Dreamy 4th of July

Nick and Manuel discuss what happened to some of the Dream Phone guys and Nick covers a story of a family who was murdered on the 4th of July.