Actual Justice Warrior

by Sean Fitzgerald
This is the official podcast for the Actual Warrior show. The Actual Justice Warrior show is a series of individual stories with a focus criminal justice issues, however there's also numerous episodes on pop culture & more general current event topics

Macy's Guard KILLED By Looter

In this video I discuss the recent story out of Philadelphia where a career criminal who has been given multiple breaks, killed a security guard for revenge after he prevented him stealing hatsWebsite: NEW:

Jessica Burbank DEMANDS Drag Shows For Kids

In this video I discuss a segment on the Hill Rising where Jessica Burbank debated Amber Duke on the Gavin Newsom Ron DeSantis debate. I explain how Jessica consistently used false information and was debunked over and over again by Amber. Then I make fun of the assertions that drag shows are more appropriate for children than cheerleadersWebsite: NEW:

Autistic Kid Faces 30 YEARS For Attacking Teacher

In this video, I discuss the viral case involving Brendan DepaWebsite: NEW:

Baltimore Mother EXPOSES Massive Grade Inflation Scam

In this video I discuss an amazing mother out of the city of Baltimore who discovered a grade inflation scheme 6 years ago & has been fighting against it ever since. I explain how this scam works & how through courage & perseverance this mom has got the word outWebsite: NEW:

The Modern Women LIE

In this video I discuss a few viral videos that appear to show ever increasing problems with "modern women" specifically that their standards are too high. I explain how this is really an issue of stated vs revealed preferencesWebsite: NEW:

Ghetto Mayor Steals Millions

In this video I give you an update on the worst Mayor in America Tiffany A. HeynardWebsite: NEW:

NYC Defunds Police To Pay For Migrants

In this video I discuss the budget proposal from Mayor Eric Adams that would completely devastate the NYPD in order to pay for the migrants in the cityWebsite: NEW:

Chicago Mayor BLAMES Racism For Migrant Crisis

In this video I discuss the so called "Unity press conference" where Brandon Johnson blamed the right's anger about losing the Civil War & black people being free for the migrant crisisWebsite: NEW:

Rapper's Entourage Sucker Punches Fan

In this video, I discuss the recent incident where Rapper Nardo Wick's entourage viciously attacked & hospitalized a fan of his for asking for a photo after a concert he had a VIP pass forWebsite: NEW:

Reporter SMEARS 5 Year Old As Racist

In this video I discuss how a writer from Deadspin decided to smear a 5 year old as a racist due to the fact that he was wearing Chiefs face paint at a Kansas City Chiefs game. I explain how this liar didn't check any facts & obscured exonerating images to push his liesWebsite: NEW: