'RADIATE HAPPY' with Alfa Lambe. 🪷

by ‘Radiate Happy’ with Alfa Lambe.
💫 Welcome to ‘The Radiate Happy’ Podcast. This space is all about shining your truest beautiful self, awakening the pure source of happiness by transforming your mindset. ✨Fueled by Fun. Activating the Bright Side. ✨ The episodes are tailored to find the inside-out bliss by immersing yourself within your deepest mental levels and conditioning your mind to Live In Positive Spirits!! 😇🌈 Being an infectiously happy and colourful person, I wish to multiply the Spirit Of Happiness Exponentially......replacing chaos, confusion, and conflict with order, clarity and peace. Love & Light, Alfa.

Make Humility Your Best Armour!

An imaginary episode of a Prime Minister of the Tang Dynasty and a Zen master. The podcast throws light on despite the Prime Minister’s high rank and influence, he always treated the Zen master with deference. Stay tuned to understand what happens when the PM asks about the definition of egotism in the Zen discipline. 😇 Happy Listening!

Let Magic & Miracles Follow You!🎄

A note of gratitude from the bottom of my heart to yours! 💗 Merry Christmas & a happy new year!

Power Of Personal Responsibility! 🔥

An imaginary episode of an ailing wife and her passionate love. The podcast throws light on the promise she asked on her deathbed, she asked him to not see any other women once she dies, or she will come back to haunt him. Stay tuned to know what happened when this person fell in love with another woman post her death, and fell prey to her haunts. Happy listening!

Be Your Own Hero!! 🔥

An imaginary episode of a man who went to inquire about Zen. The podcast throws light on the questions he raised while the teacher was talking and frequently expressed his own opinion. Stay tuned to know what happens when the teacher offers a cup to this young man and pours tea till his cup overflows. 🫶 Happy Listening!

Return To The State Of Joyfulness! 🤌

An imaginary episode of a Samurai Warrior who approached a renowned Zen master. The podcast throws light on the man wanting to know the difference between heaven and hell. Stay tuned to know what happened that the furious Samurai fell on knees in humility, as respect to the Zen master. Happy listening!

Aura Of Authenticity✨

An imaginary episode of two young men willing to relocate to a new town. The podcast throws light on these two gentlemen visiting the temple to enquire with a Zen master about how the town is like? Stay tuned to listen to the Zen master’s response. ( 😇pearls of wisdom.)

Real Wealth & Prosperity!

An imaginary story of a rich man who asked a Zen master to write something down that could encourage the prosperity of his family for years to come. The podcast throws spotlight on how the master wrote on a large piece of paper. Stay tuned to understand what was written as a wish and immerse yourself in its wisdom. Happy listening!

2nd Birthday Bliss! 🌊

A hearty episode exuding love to the universe, the supernatural, and to all those people that make ‘Radiate Happy’ happier with their presence. Cultivate gratitude, embrace calm in the face of chaos. Tune in for a special treat. 💜

Refine & Define Who You Are! ✨

An imaginary episode of a woman whose husband died unexpectedly faced dire circumstances. The podcast throws light on Creditors hounding her, wanting to take everything away from her & her young son. Stay tuned to know how she hid the priceless jewel by seeing it into the sleeve of an old coat & how does her son finds out being rich all the while, post the demise of his Mom. 💫

Ask Yourself, “How May I Serve?”

An imaginary episode of a father traveling with his kids in a train. The podcast throws light on the father silently smiling seeing his kids jumping, playing & giggling away to glory, on the other hand the co-passengers seemed fuming with anger. Stay tuned to know what happened when a person sitting next door starts questioning the father. ❤️Happy listening!