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Jay and Matt talk about toys, junk food, the holidays, movies and retro geek stuff. Sometimes a weird robot joins in.

The Pink Show!

The Purple Stuff Podcast's series of color-themed shows continues! From Strawberry Quik to The Blob, we're ready to THINK PINK!

Jaws 3 on Network TV in 1993!

It's another one of our famous VHS dives! Join us as we watch a July 1993 network television broadcast of Jaws 3! We'll tell you all about the infamous 3D movie, and a bunch of the commercials that aired during it! If you'd like to see the TV spots we're featuring, we also put them on YouTube:

A Very Special McDonald’s Christmas!

We're celebrating the holidays with a look back at Christmas-themed McDonald's stuff from the '80s and '90s! Everything from Happy Meals to TV commercials to special McNugget sauces. Enjoy!

The 1988 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Join us as we run through the highlights of the 1988 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, starring everyone from Garfield to Sandy Duncan! We've even got the original commercials that aired during it! We've uploaded the entire broadcast, if you'd like to watch along with us:

1980s eBay Halloween Search Party!

It's the spooky sequel to last month's episode! This time, we're searching eBay for the best and weirdest Halloween & horror collectibles from the 1980s! Come for Beastur, stay for Count Creepyhead.

1990s Halloween eBay Search Party!

We're diving deep into eBay to pluck out the best and weirdest Halloween collectibles the 1990s had to offer! Join us if you dare!

Spooky Songs, Volume IX!

Our annual tradition continues! We're naming 10 more eerie & awesome tracks for your Halloween playlist -- from movie themes to something sung by Grimace!

1990 TV Broadcast of Creepshow 2!

Join us as we dive deep into a 1990 network television broadcast of Creepshow 2, with original commercials and all!

Summer Sleepover!

Grab your pajamas and join us for an hour-by-hour breakdown of SUMMER SLEEPOVERS in the '80s and '90s!

Eight MORE Great Cereals!

We had so much fun talking about old cereals last month, we decided to do it again! Join us as we celebrate everything from Cinnamon Mini Buns to Bill & Ted's Excellent Cereal!