Pete & Gary's Military History

by Peter Hart
For more than 40 years bestselling author and historian Peter Hart has interviewed thousands of veterans about their experience of war. Join him and his chum Gary Bain as they explore all aspects of military history, from the ancient world to the Second World War. Pete and Gary don't just tell the history, they bring it to life with the words of the men and women who were there! Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Ep164: Austro-Hungary and the Eastern Front, 1918

We are back on the Eastern Front with our good chum Nicolai Eberholst! It's 1918 and surely it's all over for the Austro-Hungarians... Or is it?!Presenters: Peter Hart and Gary BainGuest: Nicolai EberholstPublisher: Mat McLachlanProducer: Jess StebnickiBecome a member to listen ad-free and receive special bonus content for only £2 per month: the show with a one-off contribution: more great history content, visit, or su...

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