The Aboard Podcast

by Paul Ford and Rich Ziade
Aboard is a web app designed to make it easier to manage your data with your peers, whether at home or work. It's a tool that makes it possible for anyone to build software. It turns out building a tool like that is really hard. Veteran entrepreneurs Rich Ziade and Paul Ford share the hilarity and examine their own hubris in starting yet another software startup.

2023-04-12. Launching Soon, and Shutting Down the Podcast

Rich Ziade and Paul Ford founders of Aboard invite you to sign up to A website that will make your life better and give you back control on the internet. Sign up for a treat!

2023-04-05. Too Many People

As companies scale productivity tends to flatten. With more people on board, things can get a bit chaotic. This is why companies need good leadership to ensure that employees have their roles clearly set out for them in order to hit their targets.

2023-03-29. AI Again

AI looks to be magically communicating with you? It's just information from the web. What it did achieve though is that it eliminated steps of searching through the web. This is exactly what Aboard aims to do, so you don't have to worry about the web, if you like something just add it to Aboard.

2023-03-22. Drip Campaign

Aboard is launching soon. This episode discusses the importance of a drip campaign in order to retain customers who sign up to your software. Drip campaigns are a way to reach out to people and show them the value of your product. As a marketing strategy it is great to meet people where they are rather than focusing on your own narrative of marketing yourself. To achieve this segmentation is a great way to individually target the customers to where …

2023-03-15. Plugins

People's experience on the web has been enhanced by plugins, the extensions give people a sense of power and control. Especially with the web changing really fast people feel powerless over ChatGPT and other softwares. What Aboard aims to do is to provide a cleaner and easier web experience.

2023-03-08. Picking an Office

Is it important to your business whether you work out of an office or remotely? This episode offers advice that's tailored to your business needs, emphasizing the importance of considering the type of business you run, and its goals. And while remote work took hold during the pandemic, it is still apparent that humans crave interaction and connection. Having a physical office space can provide a space for networking and collaboration, increasing the likelihood of productive relationships.

Web Sins #3. Too Much Showing Off

The internet started off as a genuine place for connection between people and small communities, but has now turned into a space for monetized content and viral performances. This shift towards showing off to induce more consumption and content turnover has pushed the genuine online communities to the side.

2023-02-15. Web Sins #2

Rich and Paul talk about the experience of the clutter of multiple tabs, and the meltdown of devices. And people just want what's convenient rather than the actual fix when it comes to their technology, there is a lack of trust and patience. The sins of humans that love to collect, and the inefficiency of sharing on the internet.

Podcast Episode 8: Low Data or No Day?

Rich and Paul discuss how low-code or no code, which promises to replace engineers, doesn't deliver on that promise. Aboard which was at some point a low-code platform for people to import and manage their data collaboratively, was changed because of the realization that the mass public doesn't want to build their own database. Also, people don't seem to know what data is. Aboard has now developed into a revolutionary software where people see immediate value in it.

2023-02-01. Web sins #1: Tracking

Rich and Paul talk about the original sins of the web. Sin #1: Web pages track you everywhere, all over your life, and it's frankly hurtful.