Opening Arguments

by Opening Arguments Media LLC
Every episode, legal expert Andrew and comic relief Thomas will tackle a popular legal topic and give you all the tools you need to understand the issue and win every argument you have on Facebook, with your Uncle Frank, or wherever someone is wrong on the Internet. It's law. It's politics. It's fun. We don't tell you what to think, we just set up the Opening Arguments.

OA842: Does John Eastman WANT To Be Disbarred? (Maybe.)

Liz and Andrew tackle John Eastman's brief in his disbarment hearing arguing that the 2020 Presidential election was in fact stolen. It was not. In the A story, Andrew and Liz walk through Trump's latest efforts to invade the secrecy of confidential documents in the Southern District of Florida. Notes Moore v. Harper PA SOS final report on 2020 election CA...

OA841: Sometimes When The President Does It, It IS Illegal!

Liz and Andrew unpack the two recent decisions on Presidential immunity. What does it mean for the civil and criminal cases against Donald Trump? But first, the duo unpack a recent Rule 404 filing by Special Counsel Jack Smith that reveals some (more) disturbing details of how Trump planned to hijack the 2020 Presidential election. In the LONG Patreon bonus, Andrew and Liz parse through some seemingly-minor findings and show how they're part of the bad faith effort by Judge …

OA840: Trump Lawyer Alina Habba Speedruns the Professional Responsibility Exam

Liz and Andrew embark on a deep dive into a set of truly wild accusations against Trump's go-to lawyer, Alina Habba, who's accused of manipulating a young server into signing an illegal and one-sided settlement agreement to benefit Donald Trump's Bedminster golf course. Was this really Alina Habba's audition to be the next Michael Cohen? Find out why this case matters and what's coming next! Notes Bianco v. Lamington https://s3.docu

OA839: Trump Gagged, Comer Spanked, and ... Munsingwear Vacatur??

Liz and Andrew bring you a trio of stories: first, the New York appellate court reinstated the gag order on Donald Trump, prohibiting him from attacking Justice Engoron's staff. Next, learn how Hunter Biden outmaneuvered the GOP buffoons in Congress. Finally, geek out on the Supreme Court docket with Munsingwear! In the Patreon bonus, the two break down whether Trump has been able to sneak assets out of New York and if so, what Special Master Barbara Jones intends to …

OA838: Trump's Lawyers Blame China For Making Him Do That Coup & Oh Rudy

Liz and Andrew dissect Trump's latest request for additional discovery in the DC indictment before analyzing Rudy Giuliani having found the one thing he fears more than Judge Beryl Howell: a jury of his peers! Notes Trump Motion for Discovery Trump DC indictment Trump DC indictment - PDF copy (scannable)

OA837: BREAKING - Mike Lindell is Lying about Voting Machines (Again!)

Liz has finally beat the flu (or whatever) and makes her triumphant return breaking down a voting machine case in Georgia that is NOT crazy. So, of course, Mike "Lumpy Pillows" Lindell is lying about it. The duo also break down all the developments with Trump's various gag orders. Notes Affidavit in support of Trump gag order to NY First Judicial Department in Trump v. Engoron Trump DC Cir. Letter re: harassment of Engoron’s clerk ht...

OA836: Yes, A Court Found That Trump "Incited An Insurrection" - Now What? (feat. Seth Barrett Tillman)

With Liz sidelined, Andrew welcomes back friend of the show Seth Barrett Tillman for an in-depth discussion of Anderson v. Griswold, a Colorado state court opinion that found by clear and convincing evidence that Donald Trump incited an insurrection on January 6, 2021. What implications does that have? Listen and find out! This episode was released early for our Patrons and is a paid post on Patreon. Notes Anderson v. Griswold <...

OA835: Why Harrison Floyd Isn't Going to Jail (& More)

Andrew and Liz tackle three updates: Elon Musk's "thermonuclear" lawsuit against Media Matters; Harrison Floyd's bond revocation hearing; and a truly terrible decision out of the 8th Circuit. Notes NAACP v. Sanders -Support us on Patreon: -Follow us on Twitter: @Openargs -Facebook: -For show-related questions, check out the Opening Arguments Wiki, which now has its own Twitter feed! @oawiki

OA834: Elon Musk Will Save Free Speech By Suing Every Media Outlet on Earth

Andrew and an ailing Liz break down Elon Musk's latest threat to try and sue a media outlet critical of Twitter into silence - this time, Media Matters for America - through the lens of his last lawsuit, against the tiny charity the Center for Countering Digital Hate, which produced an investigative report showing that Twitter profits from weaponized antisemitism and white supremacy. Oh, and the duo begin with a Life Comes At You Fast, where Justice Arthur Engoron has …

OA833: Trump Demands New NY Trial Because Liz Is Mean Online

Liz and Andrew break down the very real question of free speech versus a fair trial when viewed through the lens of (1) Donald Trump's motion for a mistrial in New York and (2) Trump's argument against the gag order to the DC Circuit. Come for the 1966 history, stay for hearing how Trump is going to lose! Oh, and our Liz Dye might have played a role in the whole mistrial thing.... Notes Trump NY motion mistrial