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Ever wonder what crime took place on today's date in true crime history? If so, sit back and grab a cup of coffee as you enjoy your daily dose of True Crime. Your host, Korina Biemesderfer, guides you through a dark history lesson, with tales of murder, abduction, serial killers, cults, and more in this short-form DAILY true crime podcast, that has been downloaded over 20 Million times. Remember, stay safe. #truecrime #dailytruecrime #truecrimepodcast

The Vile Crimes of Carlos Puch - February 4 2023

February 4th: Carlos Eduardo Robledo Puch Arrested (1972) Senseless crimes and violence are impossible to wrap your head around. On February 4th 1972 a man was arrested after committing many senseless crimes that would cost 12 people their lives.,,,,

The Debated Killing - February 3 2023

February 3rd: Ronald Ryan Dies (1967) One wrong move can completely change the trajectory of someone’s life. On February 3rd 1967 a man was led to the gallows to pay for a crime that took place during a prison escape. One that ended up costing a man his life in a case that, even today, is a topic of hot debate.,,,,

The Wandering Serial Killer - February 2 2023

February 2nd: Manuel Delgado Villegas Dies (1998) Most serial killers have a type. They have an MO or a victim type that can lead investigators straight to them like breadcrumbs. This, however, is not always the case. On February 2nd 1998 a man passed away who chose any type of victim who crossed his path. Which is why he managed to get away with murder for so long and, had he not deviated from this plan, may have gotten away …

February 2023 - Updates and Announcements

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A Killer Hollywood Mystery - February 1 2023

This Episode is sponsored by Better Help Get 10% off your first month with Morning Cup of Murder Website: MERCH: February 1st: William Desmond Taylor Killed (1922) Some cases can alter and change the world. On February 1st 1922 a man was murdered and, with his death came an unforeseen aftermath that altered the way Hollywood, cinema, and actors worked. Morning Cup of Murder Season 1: ...

The Secret In The Killers Home - January 31 2023

This Episode is sponsored by Better Help Get 10% off your first month with Morning Cup of Murder Website: MERCH: January 31st: Eli Stutzman Dies (2007) Sometimes it takes a suspect’s death to finally unravel all the deadly truths they’ve kept hidden from the world. On January 31st 2007 a man took his life and, in the pursuit of returning his body to his family, his friends, and the world, learned about his deadly past...

The Italian Mother Murder - January 30 2023

This Episode is sponsored by Better Help Get 10% off your first month with January 30th: Anna Maria Franzoni's Baby Found Dead (2002) There is nothing worse than losing your child. Well, maybe except being accused of their murder when you claim you are innocent. On January 30th 2002 a 3 year old boy was found dead in his home. And, depending on what story you believe, either his mother was wrongfully blamed for the tragic event, or she …

The Ghost Who Told A Man To Kill - January 29 2023

January 29th: Thomas Hreczkosy Kills (1932) Sometimes, in our stories, it's hard to feel any ounce of sympathy for the person responsible for horrendous crimes. Other times, there’s something in their past or about their life that can give us a slight pause. On January 29th 1932 a man brutally massacred almost an entire family. One who employed him and gave him a place to live. A man who, later found to be suffering from mental illness, would tell investigators …

The Cheer Moms Murderous Plan - January 28 2023

January 28th: Texas Cheerleader Mom Hired Hitman (1991) How far would you go to help your children achieve success? On January 28th 1991 one mom made a dangerous choice in hopes of earning her daughter a coveted spot on the high school cheerleading team. A choice that, if successful, would have deadly consequences.,,,,,,

The Deadliest High School Shooting in US History - January 27 2023

January 27th: Trial for Nikolas Jacob Cruz Scheduled (2020) Today’s story is one that remains fresh in the minds of many Americans. On January 27th 2020 the courts scheduled the trial for a dangerous teenager who went into his old high school armed with an assault rifle. A tragic event that many of us saw unfold in real time and saw demand for legislative changes.,,,,