Morning Cup of Murder

by Morning Cup of Murder
Ever wonder what crime took place on today's date in true crime history? If so, sit back and grab a cup of coffee as you enjoy your daily dose of True Crime. Your host, Korina Biemesderfer, guides you through a dark history lesson, with tales of murder, abduction, serial killers, cults, and more in this short-form DAILY true crime podcast, that has been downloaded over 30 Million times. Remember, stay safe.

The Boys Who Covered Up A Murder - December 2 2023

December 2nd: Sarah Stern Went Missing (2016)Sometimes the most obvious choice isn’t the right one. On December 2nd 2016 a young girl disappeared in a case that, as it turned out, was not what it seemed.,,,, ,,, Learn more abo...

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An Inhuman Discovery - December 1 2023

December 1st: LaSalle Street Murders (1971)What happens when a case has too many suspects? On December 1st 1971 three men met their bloody end in a case that saw far too many individuals who might have wanted them dead.,,,,,, Learn more about your ad choice...

The Body In the Suitcase - November 30 2023

November 30th: Daniel James Holdom Sentenced(2018)Some crimes are so gruesome, the details are enough to make you sick. On November 30th 2018 a man was sentenced for crimes that, when made public, shocked everyone who read the horrific details.,,,,, https://www.daily...

A Fugitive On The FBIs Most Wanted List - November 29 2023

November 29th: Jason Derek Brown Kills (2004)How much are you willing to do to get your hands on money? For some, like the subject of today’s story, the answer is a lot more deadly than most. On November 29th 2004 a man shot and killed a stranger in order to grab a large sum of money. A man who has never been captured and remains missing even today.,,

The Mysterious Murder of Betsy Aardsma - November 28 2023

November 28th: Betsy Aardsma Killed (1969)College is a time of growth, independence, and change. It’s meant to be a beautiful time with memories that last forever and not one that leaves behind a body and fear. On November 28th 1968 a young woman with a wonderful life ahead of her was brutally killed on her college campus.,,,,,

Real Monsters on Halloween - November 27 2023

"This episode is a correction from a post on Oct 27th where Nov 27th and Oct 27 were mixed up."October 27th: Shauna Howe Killed (1992)There was a time where children felt safe walking on their own in their neighborhoods. It’s cases like the one we are talking about today that completely shattered that illusion. On October 27th 1992 a young girl was born who would be snatched off the sidewalk just 2 blocks away from home.,

A Game Of Tracking DNA - November 26 2023

November 26th: Yara Gambirasio Killed (2010)Some cases twist and turn like a rollercoaster. Today’s story is one of those crazy rides. On November 26th 2010 a young girl disappeared in a case that saw a determined magistrate who was willing to go down any rabbit hole to find her killer.,,,,,, Lea...

Teen Killers - November 25 2023

November 25th: Kevin Madden and Timothy Ferriman Kill (2003)For some, their sibling is their hero. On November 25th 2003 a young boy who idolized his big brother was brutally attacked by the one person he thought the world of.,,,,,,

The Last Man to Be Hanged In South Australia - November 24 2023

November 24th: Glen Sabre Valance Dies (1964)Sometimes anger is the only motivation someone needs to take a human life. On November 24th 1964 an angry young man set out to get his revenge on the man who, he believed, was ruining his life.,,,, Lear...