Morning Cup of Murder

by Morning Cup of Murder
Ever wonder what crime took place on today's date in true crime history? If so, sit back and grab a cup of coffee as you enjoy your daily dose of True Crime. Your host, Korina Biemesderfer, guides you through a dark history lesson, with tales of murder, abduction, serial killers, cults, and more in this short-form DAILY true crime podcast, that has been downloaded over 20 Million times. Remember, stay safe. #truecrime #dailytruecrime #truecrimepodcast

The Hidden Serial Killer - June 3 2023

June 3rd: Sian O'Callaghan Born (1988) Sometimes, the wheels of justice can be agonizingly slow. Other times they race by and a case is solved in what seems like an instant. Thankfully, today’s case is one of those fast ones. On June 3rd 1988 a young woman was born who would disappear after a night out. A few days later a suspect was in custody and police were led to her body.,,,

Murder And Incels - June 2 2023

June 2nd: Bianca Devins’ Killer Withdraws Plea (2020) Technology can, simultaneously, be both an incredible resource and a danger when placed in the wrong hands. On June 2nd 2020 a young man withdrew his plea in a case that was made more difficult, and far more horrific, by the existence of technology.,,,,,,

A Massacre In The Palace - June 1 2023

June 1st: Dipendra of Nepal Kills (2001) When a case has more questions than answers, it makes it a little easier to start believing in even the most far fetched conspiracies. On June 1st 2001 a massacre took place inside palace walls in an event that, to this day, seems to continue gathering question upon question.,'s%20night%20in,was%20almost%20entirely%20wiped%20out.,,, https://a...

A Triumph Of Scotland Yard - May 31 2023

May 31st: Towpath Murders Take Place (1953) When cases happen decades in the past, it’s hard to tell if justice was really served. On May 31st 1953 two young women lost their lives in a case that was considered a triumph by Scotland Yard after the killer was finally brought down by extensive police work. A man who claimed his innocence and that the investigators manufactured his guilt.,,,

A Strange Tale Of Satanic Panic In Texas - May 30 2023

May 30th: Terrie Trosper Killed (1991) Satanic Panic, as we know, did a real number of the lives of many. On May 30th 1991 a young woman lost her life in a case that, to this day, no one knows if it was an accident or a murder. A case that was shaped, molded, and marred by the belief that a Satanic cult was alive and well in her small town of Childress, Texas.,,, https://www.reddit.c...

The Long Car Ride - May 29 2023

May 29th: Sherri Miller & Pam Jackson Disappeared (1971) Today’s story is a little different. You’ll see why in a bit. On May 29th 1971, though sources differ on the date, two young girls went missing in a cold case that would take 42 years to finally solve.,,,,,,

The First Murder of Gregory Brazel - May 28 2023

May 28th: Gregory Brazel's First Murder (1990) Some people can’t seem to stay out of trouble. On May 28th 1990 a man committed what many believed was his first murder. A man who, no matter where he ended up, continued to be an absolute menace.,,

A Monsters Revenge - May 27 2023

May 27th: Charles Rodman Campbell Dies (1994) To stand before the person who victimized you is an incredibly brave achievement. One that should never place you in the crosshairs. On May 27th 1994 a man was executed for an act of revenge against the woman he raped and who bravely helped to place him behind bars. Unfortunately, it wasn't for long enough.,,,, https://jacobrcampbell.c...

Putting On A Show - May 26 2023

May 26th: Lisa Techel Killed (2012) Secrets can lead to the unraveling of something amazing. On May 26th 2012 a young woman was killed inside her home in a case that saw a perfect marriage completely unraveled by a lie.,,,,,,

The Devil In The Casino - May 25 2023

May 25th: Jeremy Strohmeyer Kills (1997) When a child is not properly watched, it leaves them open to the unthinkable. On May 25th 1997 a young girl was left unattended in a casino and happened upon someone who she thought was a playmate. A boy who took that trust and used it against her in the most gruesome manner.,,,,