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Pod On Lansdowne: Hitchin' Our Wagons

The final episode of the Red Sox show from out of left field where Fitz is filled legally as "single" on his taxes!Let's be honest, folks: Boston baseball hasn't been much of a hoot as of late. As the 2023 season winds down, the fellas give one word to describe this season. Spoiler alert: none of them were all too positive (3:30)ALSO:-Let's pick what bandwagons we're hopping on for the MLB playoffs! (23:05)-Juan Soto is gonna love Fenway Park (33:25)-Perhaps …

The Red Seat: Optimistic Offseason Preview

On today's show, Jake (@DevJake), Keaton (@TheSpokenKeats), and Bob (@BobOsgood15) discuss Red Sox news and notes. Topics include: What will the Sox do at 2nd? Is Devers still the best option at third? What should the OF alignment look like? Who's the DH? Will Verdugo still be here? Prospect most likely to be dealt Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Monsters of Sox: Man Down!

Bryan and Da-- wait, no, Dean Roussel discuss Chaim at the top, obviously, while Bryan's kids effectively sabotage the podcast. Once those butts are asleep, the guys talk about how they think the Sox will be next year, what position Alex Cora will land in next year, Bishop Sycamore and poached eggs. You know, the pillars of the 2023 season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Pod On Lansdowne: Much Ado About Listener Questions

The Red Sox show from out of left field is back and they're answering YOUR questions, baby!The team itself isn't providing much to talk about on the field, so why not take some of your Q's off of it? We had some of the fans reach out on Twitter (@PodOnLansdowne) to pick our minds. (26:30)ALSO:-The lore of Francis Ford Koopola (0:00)-More Chaim Bloom talk, I guess (14:55)-More Sox on the grid! (57:30)All of that and much more on this edition …

The Red Seat: Bye Bye Bloom

On today's show, Jake (@DevJake), Keaton (@TheSpokenKeats), and Bob (@BobOsgood15) discuss Red Sox news and notes. Topics include: Chaim Bloom is gone How did we get here? What's the legacy? Potential replacements Red Sox core moving forward Listener Q's! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


EMERGENCY EPISODE!Chaim Bloom's gone, but the Red Sox show from out of left field isn't!Oops, all Chaim talk! What does this mean for the organization? Where does Boston go from here? When will the final testament of the Bloom era be written? All of that and much more is...discussed. Not answered--certainly not answered--but discussed on this special edition of Pod On Lansdowne!Follow us on Twitter: the show's @PodOnLansdowne, the co-hosts are @FitzyMoPena, @LiamFennessy_, and @JakeWallinger.Call our voicemail line if ya …

MOS: Chaim Bloom Fired!

Holy s#it! Dan and Bryan talk everything about Chaim Bloom's firing, from how they both sensed it coming to who's the most likely person to run the team from now on, especially in light of John Henry's tendency to whipsaw between approaches. They also ask what this means for Alex Cora, but mostly talk about what a relief this feels like, if not simply because the story that started with the Mookie Betts trade finally has an ending, and everyone …

Pod On Lansdowne: We're Cappin'

Let the members of the Red Sox show from out of left field be clear: it's over. We're calling it a 2023. Fun while it lasted, I suppose. (5:28)ALSO:-Hey, there were still some silver linings this season! (14:10)-Mike Trout to Boston????? Is it as crazy as you think it is???? Well, maybe. (51:08)-JD Drew: pickleball star (58:05)All of that and MUCH more on this edition of Pod On Lansdowne!The show can be found on Twitter @PodOnLansdowne, as can the co-hosts: …

The Red Seat: Talking Greenville with Chris Clegg

In Episode 295 of “The Red Seat”, Jake Devereaux (@DevJake) and Bob Osgood(@BobOsgood15 ) are joined by Chris Clegg (@RotoClegg) to discuss the Greenville level. Topics include: Are minor league players reaching the majors faster? How good do Kyle Teel and Roman Anthony look? Should there be a new number one prospect in the Red Sox system? Who are the best pitchers and hitters to come through the level? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

MOS: Busting Balls

Dan and Bryan return to talk everything that they've missed, including the Kyle Barraclough game, which puts Bryan over the edge with respect to Chaim Bloom. Yes, only now. Broadly speaking, the guys ask what's worth following as the season winds up, with Dan still holding out hope of a playoff bid and Bryan... not doing that. Tom Tupa and Scott Secules get shoutouts, plus all the normal banter and tangential stuff, with the bonus that Bryan's kids drop in …