Monocle 24: The Menu

by Monocle
Our guide to the world of food, drink and entertaining, The Menu serves up interviews with the world’s most creative chefs, introduces the makers behind the scenes and the ingredients that will soon be landing on your restaurant table.

Food for the Oscars

A look at the menu that British chef Elliott Grover has designed for the Oscars, how Portuguese chef Kiko Martins built his Lisbon culinary empire and an unmissable restaurant launch in England’s Cornwall.

Food Neighbourhoods 320: Recipe edition, Jakob Zeller and Ethel Hoon

This week’s recipe comes from the Austrian Alps.

Wines from the Benelux region

An Amsterdam wine shop that has curated a perfect regional wine selection. Also in the programme: Bre Graham on what it took to write her timeless debut cookbook, ‘Table for Two’.

Food Neighbourhoods 319: Recipe edition, Theo Clench

A deliciously simple mid-week pasta dish.

What’s on the menu in Davos?

We find out what it takes to cater to some of the world’s most powerful people at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos. Also in the programme: a visit to one of Montreal’s biggest restaurant success stories, and an Austrian winter resort that has become a high-end food destination.

Food Neighbourhoods 318: Recipe edition, Harriet Mansell

A recipe from the UK’s Jurassic Coast.

How cities feed themselves

We pay tribute to the restaurants in London that have for years served their communities quietly and without fanfare. Plus: a New York business that curates top chocolates from all over the world.

Food Neighbourhoods 317: Recipe edition, Luke Farrell

Chef Luke Farrell shares an easy stir-fry recipe from his Thai-inspired, London-based restaurants.

Success stories

We meet three restaurateurs who have found success and brought something new to their cities.

Food Neighbourhoods 316: Alexandre Silva

Alexandre Silva shares one of his favourite recipes from Loco, his Michelin-starred restaurant in Lisbon.