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Sports from the Couch welcomes everyone for an honest, open, friendly, critical, enthusiastic conversation as we break down all the major sports news and notes both nationally and locally in Chicago here on Sports from the Couch on Mercado Airwaves. On The Sports Cubicle, join The Marvelous One Dan Marver, The Paulous One Paul Chivari, Sports from the Couch Mike Mercado, and Devin Tingle for your late-night dose of sports talk before the boss hears us and makes us all get back to work. Make sure you’re clocked in for The Sports Cubicle Sundays at 9 pm on WCPT.

Ryan Poles Talks Vibes And Draft Trades - The Sports Cubicle - Sports from the Couch

Ryan Poles had a lot to say to Peter King including offers the Bears GM has already received for the number 1 overall pick in this years draft. What have been the offers? Will the Bears pull a trade off early or wait until the last second in the draft? Enjoy this segment from the latest edition of The Sports Cubicle Sunday nights with Dan Marver, Devin Tingle, Paul Chivari, and Mike Mercado. The Sports Cubicle is brought to you by Sports from the Couch on Mercado Airwaves.  Advertise with us inquiry at L...

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