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by Matt Hsu
This podcast covers ideas, tips, and tricks to help you help yourself overcome pain, get stronger, and become a more resilient and energetic version of yourself. Hosted by Matt Hsu, a former chronic pain sufferer turned orthopedic massage therapist and movement coach.

I Give Up! The Joint Pain is Too Much

Peak frustration. It doesn't seem like anything I do is working. Is it time to just give up and quit? Learn strategies to handle frustration and the desire to give up. Learn how to prevent frustration, cultivate patience, and stay motivated with corrective exercise to fix joint pain. HELPFUL LINKS🎥This is Mind Control: https://youtu.be/_CQRH2_lR80🔖Facing Pain Flare-Upshttps://www.uprighthealth.com/blog/fi...🔖Strengthen Your Mind: https://www.uprighthealth.com/help👉Want to improve your hip mobility? Check out the Healthy Hips program! https://uprighthealth.com/healthy-hips👉Been tol...

This Is Perverse Mind Control (Knee Pain +Joint Pain)

Today we're talking about the perverse way conversations about joint pain get slanted to favor surgery and medical intervention. This subtle slanting of perspective leads you to think muscles are somehow irrelevant to common aches and pains. Previous video on knee pain: https://youtu.be/-eRbFUFRzyY Read up on arthritis and the orthopedic industry here: https://www.uprighthealth.com/blog/av...Be sure to read more articles here: uprighthealth.com/help Find a PRACTICAL Home Program for YOUR BODY: https://uprighthealth.com/diy ⚡️Become a member! https://www.youtube.com/chan...

How to Fix Pain (Like a Killer Whale)

What lessons about chronic pain can we learn from an orca? What can we learn from flaccid fins in killer whales in captivity? Find out how killer whales can better shape our perspectives on fixing chronic pain. Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman Free Willy

Buy Your Way Out - Part 2

In this episode, we dive deeper into the Buy Your Way Out Fallacy to see how it relates to orthopedic diagnoses and treatments like FAI (hip impingement) and back pain. RESOURCES Upright Health articles BMJ Opinion: The illusion of evidence based medicine

The Buy Your Way Out Fallacy

Let's look at one of the most ubiquitous fallacies floating around the medical and health industries. Save money, get stronger, and reap the rewards when you recognize the game that's being played with so many "expert" health recommendations! Free Resources: https://www.uprighthealth.com/help One example of the Buy Your Way Out Fallacy for Foot Pain: https://creakyjoints.org/living-with-arthritis/coronavirus/daily-living/arthritis-foot-pain-barefoot-covid-19-pandemic/

Why I Don't Trust Doctors

In this episode, I discuss why I don't trust doctors. I share personal anecdotes of being fed medical falsehoods and big-time foul-ups in medical history. www.uprighthealth.com Support this podcast: https://paypal.me/uprighthealth

What is healthy?

What is healthy? How do we get ideas about what is healthy for us? In this episode we discuss: Why do we think some things are good for us? Who promotes the idea that certain things are healthy for us? What is our responsibility in determining what's ACTUALLY healthy? How do we work with this physically and mentally? www.uprighthealth.com

Wallow in Weakness

Wallow in weakness? Today we discuss: Fibromyalgia and why it makes me mad Medical diagnoses that make no sense and how they trap you in pain Wallowing in weakness and the antidote that will bring pain relief and massive improvement in your life Resources www.uprighthealth.com

Cut Screen Time to Cut Chronic Pain - Limits and Lessons from the Trenches

In today’s episode we discuss: how screen time contributes to chronic pain how to cut screen time effectively limits that will lead to better sleep compulsive email checking compulsive social media usage how to break free from these compulsions and experience pain relief Resources Article: https://www.uprighthealth.com/blog/screens-cause-chronic-pain Freedom app: https://freedom.to/ AppBlock: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cz.mobilesoft.appblock≷=US

Breaking Painful Habits

We discuss how to identify habits that put us in pain, how to identify them, the most common excuses we come up with when confronted with them, and a simple assignment to get you thinking right and moving right. Inspired by a passage from In Love With the World by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. www.uprighthealth.com for free resources to help you understand and beat chronic pain.