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by Mark 'Mr LinkedIn' Williams
Weekly LinkedIn updates, discussion, interviews and tips for the UK's best known LinkedIn Trainer, Mark 'Mr LinkedIn' Williams

Creator mode - the debate is over!

We've had creator mode for over 2 years now and for some, the decision on whether to enable it or not is still debatable...not for me, It's a no brainer! That plus, Passkey access is coming to LinkedIn 10 free AI courses on LinkedIn Learning Generative AI comes to Sales Navigator Do Thought leader ads damage subsequent posts reach Verified profiles get a makeover Post of the week

Hashtag Deprecation

The news broke last week that LinkedIn have decided to dump hashtags. In this episode I explore what I think is really going on and why I think this isn't quite the bad move others seem to think it is. That plus; Update on search alerts New cybersecurity woes Search filters for dating?! New link for 'build a resume' Profile website links update Profile verification waitlist Post of the week

A LinkedIn Live with Lynnaire

This week I've been hit with some sort of lurgy that has stolen my voice! So instead of not publishing this week, I thought you might like to listen to a livestream I did with Lynnaire Johnston this week.


This week has seen another example of the notorious LinkedIn help center being less than helpful! It's an all to common story unfortunately but why does this happen? According to LinkedIn Help they are 'experimenting' with dropping education, location and wait for it...employers from LinkedIn profiles! Is this true or are they misinformed? That plus; Company page content is showing signs of better reach A new 'personalised' home page feed Thought Leader ads are now rolling out to all companies …

AI Assistants

Since the introduction of Chat GPT, we have begun to see a range of tools/extensions that broadly describe themselves as 'AI Assistants'. They can be very dangerous! That plus; Font changes on LinkedIn The job title search optimisation dilemma Could collaborative articles be more important than we thought? LinkedIn add Microsoft Designer for AI image posts New profile sections in Featured Sort feed added to the mobile app

Episode 400

A special episode to celebrate the 400th episode. I swap seats this week and find myself being interviewed by Lynnaire Johnston. "What does it take to produce 400 episodes of the world’s most listened to LinkedIn podcast? How does the host manage to inform and entertain us week after week? And why is Greece his favourite holiday destination?" It’s LinkedInformed, episode 400. Thanks to all those who contributed to this special celebration episode.

What's happened to Notifications?

Many of us are experiencing a dramatic reduction in post engagement notifications and LinkedIn have admitted that they are prioritising other notifications instead. This week I look at what notifications are most useful to us and ask why we can't choose our own. In addition to that... A new 'Active Group' badge that misses the point! More feedback on the services marketplace Do more followers improve engagement levels? Feedback on a new LinkedIn authors' posts Post of the week

Trust me, I'm an expert!

I've been away in Greece for 10 was pure bliss! While I was away, a few things have been happening on LinkedIn so in this episode, I'm catching up on it all! The biggest news was LinkedIn's algorithm changes: I will give my thoughts on content dominance, meaningful comments, and the quest for 'knowledge & advice' amplification. As you would imagine,I have a few things to say about it!

The LinkedIn Content Sweetspot

This is the talk that I gave at LinkedSummit in Odense, Denmark this year. We know that the content that perhaps should really be on Facebook does well on LinkedIn, but it's not going to generate business and pay the bills! On the flip side, neither is boring business content that fails to engage and is seen by very few. So we need to find the sweet spot!

Is commenting a good strategy?

This weeks episode is inspired by a post I saw that included this line; "Don’t believe the bullsh!t that “commenting on others posts is the best way to grow” So I thought it would be worth examining this in more detail. Also in this episode; What's going on with Events messaging? Services Marketplace - dormant or important? Does unfollowing someone will reduce your relevance to them? Why I haven't published a book Is 'Open for work' worth having on your …