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by Mark 'Mr LinkedIn' Williams
Weekly LinkedIn updates, discussion, interviews and tips for the UK's best known LinkedIn Trainer, Mark 'Mr LinkedIn' Williams

Can This AI Tool Really Perfect Your LinkedIn Profile?

In the week that everyone is talking about the new Chat GPT4, LinkedIn release a new AI tool that helps you craft the perfect profile...or does it? That is the main topic of this weeks LinkedInformed but I'm also going to cover; 3 new features An update of collaborative articles The LinkedIn podcast academy Post of the week

Collaborative LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn are heavily pushing collaborative articles with notifications and prompts pushing us to get involved but what exactly are they and should we be bothering with them? That is the main topic of this weeks LInkedInformed but before I'm also going to cover; LinkedIn soon turns 20! Should LinkedIn position itself as the next Twitter? LinkedIn tests DM's to companies Post of the week

Revealed: Unlock the Power of LinkedIn with This Simple Engagement Strategy!

Commenting frequently is a LinkedIn superpower. If you did nothing else on LinkedIn, you could still achieve success by commenting on others content. This week, I will explain why and reveal my recommended LinkedIn engagement strategy. Plus several new LinkedIn features. Welcome to the 385th edition of LinkedInformed

Like or Comment?

Should you Like (React) a post or comment on it❓ Which is best for you and which is best for the post creator?❓ Do you want others to Like or comment on your posts❓ In this edition of LinkedInformed I will attempt to answer these three questions, plus; LinkedIn are laying off staff The best times to post on LinkedIn Is there a workaround to pinning a top comment on your post? The evil of ChatGPT - misuse of AI …

'You' vs 'Work You' on LinkedIn

Does your employer encourage you to develop your authentic voice on LinkedIn? Many organisations are starting to understand the benefits of doing so.

LinkedIn and ChatGPT

As I continue my journey with ChatGPT, I discover why it's called a 'chat' and learn how to utilise it better in LinkedIn posts, articles and profiles. Also, Microsoft results show modest sales growth for Linkedin but they have now reached the 900m member milestone. Plus a couple of new features and a joyous post of the week!

Authenticity in an AI World

Producing an authentic profile on LinkedIn used to be an advantage...with the growth of ChatGPT it's becoming an essential tool to prove that you are real! That plus; 4 new features/changes to LinkedIn My assessment of Tomer Cohen's recent podcast interview LinkedIn search parameters are unreliable Some interesting LinkedIn stats Do LinkedIn really know a good profile when they see one? Post of the week

A 2023 Wish List For LinkedIn

Happy New Year! This week I explain my 11 key wishes for LinkedIn this year, some are design/functional changes I want LinkedIn to make, and others are related to how the community behaves and use the platform. PLUS - Post of the year 2022 and of course, the first post of the week for 2023

The Highlights of 2022

This week I look back at my disastrous predictions for LinkedIn in 2022 and what actually did happen by highlighting my 10 favourite new features of the year.

Who Are Your LinkedIn Posts For?

Are you posting the content you want your audience to see or what they really want to see? This week, I tackle this issue plus; An update on LinkedIn competitors Why multi-image posts are awful! What to do when you see a typo in someone's content New creator analytics New products search 41 Big Ideas that will change our world in 2023 Are ads killing your feed? New SEO for Articles / Newsletters Why has date connected been 'de-ramped'? Do …