7 Hills Church

by Marcus Mecum
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Do not limit God | Marcus Mecum | 7 Hills Church

In “Your Fight Is Fixed” Pastor Marcus Mecum shares the spirit of failure and the limitations we try put on God.

Look Up! | Evan Cromer | 7 Hills Church

In “Look Up!” Pastor Evan Cromer shares the importance of protecting your peace and placing your trust in God.

How to Win | Marcus Mecum | 7 Hills Church

The life God has for you is beyond your wildest dreams. He doesn’t want you to simply “survive” each day. He wants you to WIN each day! There is one key difference between surviving and winning, and we will learn all about it in the message “Finding What You Are Made Of” by Pastor Marcus Mecum.

Unlock the Power of Praise | Marcus Mecum | 7 Hills Church

Have you discovered the key to worship? 🔑There is something powerful that takes place when we worship God. Unfortunately, we often have a mindset that prevents us from praising God to our full potential. Check out the message “More Undignified Than This” by Pastor Marcus to unlock the power of worship.

Rebuilding the Ruins of Worship | Marcus Mecum | 7 Hills Church

Besides Jesus, King David was one of the most prominent people in the Bible. The Bible says that God personally sought after David and describes him as a “Man after God’s own heart.”David was special to God. Why? What is God trying to teach us through the life of David?Check out the message “Rebuild the Ruins of Worship” to learn the qualities of David and how we can apply them to our everyday lives.

The Shadow of the Almighty | Marcus Mecum | 7 Hills Church

There is purpose behind everything you’ve been through.In “The Shadow of the Almighty,” Pastor Marcus reminds us that if we call upon the Lord in times that we are lost or wandering, He is faithful to protect us, care for us, and provide for us.

Don't Reject Your Roots | Marcus Mecum | 7 Hills Church

In “Israel and Gods time clock”, Pastor Marcus Mecum shares the Biblical importance of supporting Israel and looking to God’s Word in times like these.

No Man’s Land | Marcus Mecum | 7 Hills Church

In this multi-media illustrated message, Pastor Marcus Mecum shares the importance of boundaries in every area of our lives.

Vision Sunday 2023 | Marcus Mecum | 7 Hills Church

A better life together. A better life with Jesus. A better life with others.Join Pastor Marcus Mecum as he casts the vision of 7 Hills Church.

Believing God For Greater | Marcus Mecum | 7 Hills Church

In “The Importance of Recognizing Open Doors”, Pastor Marcus Mecum encourages us that, no matter the situation or circumstance, God is always on the move.