Catholic in a Small Town

by Mac and Katherine Barron
In this weekly podcast, Mac and Katherine, who are Catholic converts, talk about raising kids, Catholic issues, scouting, movies, books, games, podcasts and anything else that comes up. Mac and Katherine have been podcasting since 2006.

CST #673: 3 Tennis Matches, 2 Appliances, and 1 Rusted-Out Car

Mac & Kat have a very tiresome and expensive week of mishaps. Mac takes in a NASCAR race, we lament the portrayal of our church in the media, and remind ourselves to see frustrations as opportunities for virtue. Movies & TV: Class of ‘07 (Hulu) 1923 (Paramount+)   Books, etc: The Snake Pit by Sigrid Unset   Other great stuff we like: Picnic Blanket Restoration of Christian Culture from Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey Restoration of Christian Culture PDF<...

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