Catholic in a Small Town

by Mac and Katherine Barron
In this weekly podcast, Mac and Katherine, who are Catholic converts, talk about raising kids, Catholic issues, scouting, movies, books, games, podcasts and anything else that comes up. Mac and Katherine have been podcasting since 2006.

CST #669: It’s a Trap!

Ben is house shopping, we do nothing for a very busy Valentine’s Day, the Willits have us over for the Super Bowl, Quantumania is exactly what you think it will be, Marley & Me makes Mac ugly cry, and we get ready for lent. We record an hour’s worth of our gushing over John Senior's “The Air Conditioned Holocaust” but we decide to put that in a separate episode. Movies & TV: Antman & the Wasp Quantumania (in theaters) Marley & Me (HBO Max) The Last of Us (HBO Max)...

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