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Underwater Wonder, Masterminding Mobility, Little Mermaid Reboot, Memorial Day Meaning, Space Tourism and Airplane Etiquette!


Remembering Tina, Seven In Seven, Netflix No No, Wooly Competition, Mist Makeover & Mushroom Miracle!


King’s Stunner, Shark Celebrities, Social Media Swipe, Crowded Race, Sheeran’s Band Room Surprise and a Pricey Scoop!


Moon King, Smoky Border, Singer Sacks Touring, LIV Golf Winner, Home Opener Hoopla, Tennis Legend Leaving and Lucky Penny Day!


Twin Heroics, G7 Scene Stealer, Space Goat, Presidential Race, Blackout for Birds and Starcruiser Closes!


Teen Boss, Ta-Ta TikTok, Rats Run Amok, Hotter Than Ever, Baby Joeys and Top US Beaches!


Royally Scary Pursuit, Mama B’s Rescue, NYC Sinking, Spurs Lottery Luck & Haunted Ballers!


Chocolate Milk Debate, Mr. ChatGPT Goes to Washington, Holiday Travel, Green Bay’s Bragging Rights, The Weeknd is Over and a Very Pooped Pooch!


Fleet Feet, The Heat is On, New Top Tweeter, Chief Forever Stamp, Octopus Danger and Spoiled Pooches!


Bitten & Brave, Space Treasure, Underwater Record, Calling All Kyles, Swift’s Stage Smackdown and Chicago’s Chonkosaurus!