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by Joyce Meyer
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Parables: The 10 Virgins - Part 2

Is passivity a problem for you? Learn how to keep yourself stirred up in the Word and apply its wisdom to your life.

Parables: The 10 Virgins - Part 1

This parable teaches us about wisdom and foolishness. Learn how to make wise choices that result in God's blessings in your life.

Emotional Stability

Are your emotions up and down? Today, Joyces teaches on the peace that comes from living an emotionally stable and well-balanced life.

Burnt But Not Bitter - Part 2

Would you rather stay offended or learn to love people unconditionally? On today's show, learn how to get really good at forgiving others.

Burnt But Not Bitter - Part 1

We've all been hurt, but we don't have to let it make us bitter. Discover God's plan to help you leave the pain and bitterness behind.

The Warfare of Rest - Part 2

God's rest is something we all need and never have to live without. Learn how to find authentic, internal rest in Christ.

The Warfare of Rest - Part 1

In this world, it's easy to get agitated and upset. But in Christ, we have the power to stay in peace. Learn how.

A Patient Attitude

How patient are you? Discover the priceless value of a patient attitude, with helpful tips from Joyce today.

A Thankful Attitude

On today's show, unlock the life-changing benefits of cultivating a thankful, grateful attitude with these powerful insights that will transform your life and how you see the world around you.

How to Treat Our Enemies - Part 2

How hard is it to pray for your enemies? Today, learn about spiritual warfare as you discover the liberating power of being a blessing to those who have hurt you.