Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life® TV Podcast

by Joyce Meyer
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Jealous and Judgmental Attitudes - Part 2

What causes you to lose your peace? Today, discover how to tap into the power that comes from a life of walking in peace.

Jealous and Judgmental Attitudes - Part 1

Jealousy, envy and a judgmental attitude will steal your peace. Find out how to save yourself time and energy by making peace a priority in your life!

The Cure for the Insecure

Do you ever feel like you don't measure up? Joyce shares why you can rest assured, knowing your worth and value are found in Christ.

Loving Difficult People – Part 2

God's love can be shared in so many ways. Learn how you can love difficult people today!

Loving Difficult People - Part 1

Do you struggle to walk in love? Today, Joyce discusses agape love and the benefits of loving people who might be difficult to love.

Becoming Debt Free

Today, Joyce shares healthy attitudes toward money, and practical wisdom for becoming debt-free. Watch now.

If I Could Do It Again – Part 2

It's hard to face the truth about yourself. Today, Joyce shares some of the benefits of taking responsibility for your actions in order to grow in your relationship with Christ.

If I Could Do It Again - Part 1

Today, Joyce answers the question, "If I could go back and do it again, what would I change?" Her answers might surprise you.

A Prayer How-To - Part 2

Do you feel you have to impress God with the eloquence of your prayers? Today, Joyce and her Talk It Out friends discuss the importance of an unfiltered, authentic prayer life.

A Prayer How-To - Part 1

Does prayer seem like a chore to you? God is our friend, and prayer is simply talking to God. Joyce and the Talk It Out ladies unpack the truth about simple prayer.