by Jay Dyer
The best audio selections from Jay Dyer.

Secrets of the Jonestown Cult: PsyOps & Intelligence Agencies - Jeremy Kuzmarov

Jeremy Kuzmarov of Covert Action Magazine joins me to discuss the Jonestown Cult and the element many are unaware of: Intelligence connections. Was Jonestown in some way part of a mind control experiment? Was it a front for other operations?

Ecumenism and the Death of Truth - COTEL with Jay Dyer

In this stream I am joined by author Jay Dyer to discuss the ecumenism, its origins, its efforts for subversion of the truth, and how it relates to the relativistic empire of the Antichrist.. Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think. God bless

Economic Collapse? Dr. Steve Turley on The Metaphysics of Geopolitics - Trump, Putin & Feudalism

Tonight Dr Steve Turley joins me to cover recent shocking events relating to more bank collapsing, the fraudulent nature of a lot of these banks and their debt based betting, the changing structure of geopolitics in our day, as well as upcoming political tensions with 2024 and beyond.

Banking / Economic Collapse ? - The Real Secret of Money - Jay Dyer

Today we dive into some of the classics that deal with money printing and what money really and truly is. We look at the fiat system and how it is actually revolutionary, meaning part of the Marxist/socialist technique to engage in theft over time. We will look at the amazing admissions from Quigley and the wild parallels between the recent collapses and past scams.

The Dark Side of Disney - Jay & Jamie on Courtenay Turner Podcast

Courtenay invited us on to cover Jamie's work on Disney. Courtenay is here: https://rokfin.com/courtenayturner

Rightly Ordering Your Life - Exposing Powerful Lies + Jay Dyer

Jay Dyer is the creator of Jay's Analysis, he's an Orthodox Apologist, Comedian, Author, Host of Hollywood Decoded on Gaia, author of Esoteric Hollywood 1 & 2, and many great articles on his website JaysAnalysis.com he does lectures, pop culture analysis, teaches philosophy at Autonomy University, among many other credits.

Economic Collapse SVB & Tech Control Grid Failure CyberPolygon, Deepfake PsyOps & More! -Jay Dyer

Today we will cover the rest of the sci tech news I missed, including the Arthur C Clarke and A.I. clips, recent stories about how deep fakes and AI can be used for PsyOPs as well as CIA critiques and WEF style clips that have emerged.

The Secret History of Communism: A Stalin Interrogation, Dialectics, & Quigley (Half) - Jay Dyer

Today we cover a little known interrogation of a Trotskyite by the NKVD. It backs up Quigley & Suttons' thesis, and more! Then, we will cover more tech predictions in famous clips and essays, as well as recent trends on tweeter. This is half of a full talk available at my site for subscribers or on my R0kfin.

Art, Entertainment & Spirituality - A Conversation with PsyOp Cinema

A conversation with Jay Dyer and Father Deacon Dr. Ananias Sorem, on how we all think about film, entertainment, and the arts. As we frequently point out instances of destructive messaging and Satanic programming in pop-culture, here we have a broader discussion about the positive and negative aspects and potential of film. We share thoughts about the role of entertainment within an Orthodox lifestyle, the lines we all draw about what kind of art we'll expose ourselves to, and the …

Future Shock! Dead Internet Theory, CyberPolygon, ChatGPT PsyOp & The Matrix! Jay Dyer

Today we will cover new theories compared to old plans in regard to what they may be planning for the destruction of the internet as it, with the emergence of a new net where everyone is locked down...online!