The Jake Feinberg Show

by Jake Feinberg
On The Jake Feinberg Show (radio) and in Facebook Lives, Jake Feinberg has now conducted over 2,000 interviews with “The Cats”—popular musicians across the spectrum from rock to jazz, R&B to folk, pop to country, bluegrass to fusion. Jake’s unique interviewing style puts musicians at their ease and inspires them to reflect candidly on topics familiar or unexpected. The Cats tell little stories, muse about life, uncover aspects of the music business, dig deep into overcoming adversity, revel in camaraderie, and open their souls. You will never see musicians in the same light again....

The Robbie Dunbar Interview

Rock guitarist from Long Island talks about becoming submerged in sonic grease at Berkeley High and The Longbranch.

The Jeff "Stick" Davis Interview

Funky blues bassist talks about his early years with Jesse Winchester, the gravy years with The Amazing Rhythm Aces and the greasy years with Charles "Wig" Walker.

The Elvin Tyner Interview

Aspiring drummer talks about The Kape, a band he formed with his brother Doc.

The Shana Morrison Interview

Decorated singer from a long lineage of musicians and songwriters talks about how she has found her own voice on the bandstand.

The Billy Earheart Interview Set II

Keyboardist for The Amazing Rhythm Aces talks about how the significance of music has changed in our culture.

The David Nelson Interview Set II

Bay Area bluegrass/folk musician talks about the evolution of the psychedelic music movement that spawned in San Francisco.

The Emilio Lyons Interview

One of the finest woodwind repairmen in the world talks about his relationship with Stan Getz.

The Monica Getz Interview Set II

Continued discussion of her involvement and cultivation in husband Stan Getz' career.

The Bobby Caldwell Interview Set II

Going beyond with the Captain of rhythm and metaphysics. Breaking up time, form and fear instilled in our culture.

The Paul Stallworth Interview

Superstar bassist and singer talks about working with Al Jarreau and other band leaders with versatile rhythm sections. RIP.