Talk of Iowa

by Iowa Public Radio
Talk of Iowa is a place for Iowans to connect to our shared culture and what it means to live in Iowa. Host Charity Nebbe brings a mix of regular guests and a range of experts to discuss the arts, history, literature and everything else happening in Iowa. Every day brings something new — even if it's in a recurring segment like Talk of Iowa Book Club or comes from a familiar voice on Horticulture Day.

Think warm thoughts of spring while tending to your African violets

What do you think makes African violets so popular?

Iowa Playwrights Workshop alum talks about adapting 'The Whale' for Hollywood

While accepting the best actor award at this year's Critics Choice Awards, actor Brendan Fraser called Samuel D. Hunter "his lighthouse."

Iowa celebrates first George Washington Carver Day

George Washington Carver was the first Black student at Simpson College and Iowa State, and later the first Black faculty member at Iowa State. He is only the third person to be honored with a statewide day in Iowa — joining Herbert Hoover and agronomist Norman Borlaug

Scientists and farmers write about tending Iowa's altered landscape

Iowa, like the rest of the world, is facing serious environmental challenges, but the state also has it's own unique set of problems.

The growing crisis with Black Maternal Health

Black mothers in Iowa are six times more likely to die as a result of childbirth than white mothers. On this episode of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe and her guests explore the reasons for that statistic and the work being done to change that reality.

A free digital archive captures more than a century of Iowa life

Most families have collections of photographs that get passed down through the generations. Often the information, history and memories associated with these pictures is lost over time.

What's in a name?

The names we are given, the names we choose and the names others choose to call us can carry a great deal of power. Experts discuss what names mean culturally, and Iowans share their name-changing stories.

New digital series promotes Black-owned Iowa businesses

A California native is paying it forward with a new digital showcase of Black-owned businesses in Iowa and beyond.

The steadily growing potential of agri-communities

Walkable neighborhoods, plenty of green space, access to fresh, locally grown food, friendly interactions with neighbors — that’s the concept behind an agri-hood or an agri-community.

What can we learn from a letter?

Sandy Moffett discusses his debut novel, a murder mystery set in the Midwest. And Akwi Nji shares why she started a new project that emphasizes letter writing.