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FULL: A Friar With Long Hair

We've got some big moments on the show today, plus Timewasters, Double Thumbs Up and lots moreSee for privacy information.

MINI: Billboards

Another amazing day of Billboards on the showSee for privacy information.

FULL: I'm Going Through Manopause

Big day of billboards, musts, and lots moreeeeeeSee for privacy information.

MINI: You Must

We all love a good recommendationSee for privacy information.

FUL: Pepsi Truck

Another big day of billboards, school stories, Jack's attempts at welcoming his family home, and lots moreSee for privacy information.

MINI: School Famous

What did you become famous at school for?See for privacy information.

MINI: The Proposal

Over the next two weeks, we're putting your messages up on billboards all over Melbourne. and fair to say, this one did not go as plannedSee for privacy information.

FULL: Sorry Mitch

Billboards are live and being updated by Jack, so all bets are off! What were you famous for at school?Big Book of Listeners continues!See for privacy information.

FULL: A Male Karen

We've got billboards for days! Plus all your favourites, timewasters, misheard lyrics and lots more!See for privacy information.

MINI: Misheards

We loe hearing all the lyrics you've gotten wrong!See for privacy information.