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Ryan Daniels: 'I made a little mistake this week'

For our sports journo, it seems nothing is more humbling than being called out for an incorrect tweet about the BBL… than by former Australian cricket coach, Boof Lehmann. Gahhhh. See for privacy information.

FULL SHOW: Juicy big ones

On the show today, Clairsy & Lisa want to know what’s your bad habit? Our sports expert Ryan Daniels drops by ahead of a massive weekend in sport. Clairsy realises just how small Perth is and Lisa reveals the top 90’s movie quotes.See for privacy information.

Del Amitri's Justin Currie on finding the perfect-fitting kilt

The Scottish frontman spoke to Clairsy & Lisa about Del Amitri's upcoming tour to Australia (the first in 30 years), why he finds it hard to order water in the US... and it seems kilts are just like... jeans?See for privacy information.

Ben O'Shea reviews 'The Whale'

After a short recap on ‘whatever happened to Brendan Frazer?’ Our movie guy gives Clairsy & Lisa his thoughts on The Whale - the movie that’s proving to be a renaissance-of-sorts for the beloved actor, and one that could land Frazer his first Academy Award.See for privacy information.

FULL SHOW: She died surprised

Clairsy & Lisa catch up with Del Amitri’s Justin Currie before he returns for their first Australian tour in 30 years. Our movie guy Ben O’Shea gives us his take on ‘The Whale’ and reveals who he made cry. Plus, the team wanted to know what you’ve found on the side of the road.See for privacy information.

Claire Hooper: 'I seriously don’t understand anyone who does it'

Comedian Claire Hooper is back in Perth for the first time since the lockdowns and it seems she really did miss *checks notes*… Kalamunda’s Zig Zag. But you know what she doesn’t miss? The dreaded ‘pop-in’.See for privacy information.

FULL SHOW: He’s my new dad

Comedian Claire Hooper returns to Perth and joins Clairsy & Lisa. Sylvia Cornes drops by ahead of her Leonard Cohen tribute show at Fringe and performs an acoustic special. Plus, Lisa wants someone to prove her wrong that money doesn’t buy happiness.See for privacy information.

Tom Gleeson: 'I'm not an easy laugh'

Taskmaster is Tom Gleeson's newest show (how many is that now?), which the comedian describes as being given a position of power... which he completely abuses. See for privacy information.

Jon Stevens: 'He's in the top 5 greatest shows I've ever seen'

One thing's for sure - Noiseworks frontman Jon Stevens is 10/10 not mad about being a support act, not when it's for the Australian leg of Rod Stewart's tour with Cyndi Lauper! See for privacy information.


Noiseworks Jon Stevens calls in to catch up with the guys and chat about his upcoming gig with Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper. Plus, Tom Gleeson drops to wax lyrical about his new show Taskmaster and Magician Ben Hart performs a trick that leaves Lisa speechless. Also, what petty things should be criminalised? We opened the phones...See for privacy information.