Vermont Dog Trainer Show

by Ian Grant
Ian Grant, owner of Vermont Dog Boarding & Behavior brings you a podcast dedicated to interviewing a dog trainer from every state. Also included will be his Facebook Live Streams, his "Talking Dogs" radio show, and interviews with influential people in the dog business. We hope you enjoy the show and please leave a review for Ian in iTunes.

Jill Viggiani - MotoDog Training

On today's episode of the podcast I sit down with Jill Viggiani from MotoDog Training. We discussed the importance of cooperative play with your dog, making your dog somebody, and what it truly means when your dog is distracted. Romng Poop Bags Coupon Code VERMONTDOG Canine Fusion Workshop

Dogs Bolting Through Doors - Talking Dogs Radio Show

Dogs that bolt through doors have learned that they need speed to get through the door, but they learned that speed from someone, guess who? Takeaways: How dogs keep moving faster than us Car door/front door How to slow it down Question: Will recall with my dog ever be 100% perfect? Courtesy 93.9 WLVB Romng Poop Bags Coupon Code VERMONTDOG Canine Fusion Workshop

Give Your Dog a Reason to Follow You - Talking Dogs Radio Show

Most dog owners that I come across don't walk with purpose. Listening to this episode will give you insight into how you can make that change. Takeaways: What does this mean? We hesitate a lot when walking our dogs We don’t focus on what we want Question: My dog suddenly won’t sleep through the night in her crate. She will wake up around 2 and doesn’t have to go to the bathroom. What can I do? Courtesy 93.9 WLVB Romng …

Increasing Your Dog's Skills - Talking Dogs Radio

It's one thing if your dog has certain skills, it's another if you know how to increase those skills into something else. Here is a great example on how you can do this with your dog. Takeaways: Pick a skill that you want to increase Create a pattern that’s easy to follow Once the dog understands the pattern, add another step Question: I’ve read that rawhides aren’t good for dogs, should I stop giving one to my dog? Courtesy 93.9 …

Positive & Negative Patterns - Talking Dog's Radio

Patterns can emerge in different ways and once we are aware of patterns, it can lead to both positive and negative behaviors. Here is my take on how you can overcome those pesky negative patterns. Takeaways: Can be positive or negative How to read unwanted patterns Pinpoint where to get ahead of the mistake Question: My dogs are constantly scanning the ground and our environment during our walks, is there a way to fix this? Courtesy 93.9 WLVB Romng Poop …

Dealing w/ Prey Drive - Talking Dogs Radio Show

Prey drive is instinctual for dogs and in some cases it's quite prominent. Takeaways: What is it? How do we handle it? Communication is key? Question: How can I teach my dog to be calm when he’s always excited? Courtesy 93.9 WLVB Romng Poop Bags Coupon Code VERMONTDOG Canine Fusion Workshop

The Power of Fear Part 2

Dealing with a fearful dog can be difficult, but we have to be VERY aware of our "touch" both on leash and off leash in the house. Takeaways: Overpowering Being too physical with the leash and collar Taking the time to teach what we want – slowing down. Question: How do I redirect my dog if he starts lunging at a dog he sees? Courtesy 93.9 WLVB Romng Poop Bags Coupon Code VERMONTDOG Canine Fusion Workshop

The Power of Fear Part 1

Fear can debilitate dogs and it's not a pretty site. But we have a chance to help them through it and you might be surprised how. Takeaways: What does fear look like in dogs? We nurture fear too much We have to give direction during times of stress Question: My dog just doesn’t seem to calm down in the house. We can go for a 3 mile walk and she still paces around, what should I do? Courtesy 93.9 WLVB …

Doorway Diplomacy: Mastering Front Door Behaviors Part 2

Part 2 leads us into your guests coming into play and what their role should be, you might find my opinion very interesting. Takeaways: Your guests & your dogs Instruct both guests and dog what to do Make it clear and concise – use a note outside the door if needed Listener Question: What do you feel is the biggest mistake dog owners make with their dogs? Courtesy 93.9 WLVB Romng Poop Bags Coupon Code VERMONTDOG Canine Fusion Workshop

Doorway Diplomacy: Mastering Front Door Behaviors Part 1

In this episode we dive into the essential topic of "Doorway Diplomacy: Mastering Front Door Behaviors." The front door can be a common source of chaos and excitement for our canine companions, but with the right techniques, you can transform it into a zone of calm and control. Controlling the Space Around the Front Door: We start by exploring effective methods to establish control over the area around the front door. By setting clear boundaries you can teach your dog …