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by Get In The Car, Gamer!
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Money, Money, Money

Today we talk about Fortnite owing $245 million dollars to its customers, the FBI issued a warning about mobile gaming and potential scams that could come from fraudulent mobile games, and at the end of the podcast we end with a person buying a gun skin from CS:GO for a whopping $150K.

Counter Strick 2

Today we talk about the announcement of a September release for Starfield, we discuss Counter-Strike 2 getting leaked, and lastly, we talk about The Last of Us Part 1's PC specs that will be required to run at its lowest and highest settings.

State of Play 2023

Today we talk about Armored Core 6 getting an earlier release date than the Elden Ring DLC, we talk about the State of Play 2023 lineup and have a discussion about the likelihood that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will not be able to run on the Nintendo Switch.

You Can't Spell Hero Without HR

Today we talk about Microsoft making an argument to the European Commission to defend its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Sega raised pay 30% for all base salaries, and WB is making money hand over fist with the Harry Potter game. Shocking, I know.

My Man Mick Gordon

Today we talk about Mick Gordon and his decision to give his paycheck to Red Cross Australia's Ukraine Crisis Appeal, which he earned from composing the music for the new game 'Atomic Heart', and then we check out a spooky new game coming to the new Playstaiton VR2 called 'The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR.

We Have Your Source Code

Today we talk about some good ol' propaganda via video game, Hogwarts hits 350K concurrent players BEFORE release, and a hacker holds League of Legends source code, hostage!

Nintendo Always Wins

Today we talk about how Nintendo won its latest lawsuit, Insomniac's Wolverine is shooting for a mature rating, and some new Resident Evil 4 remake news.

Pizza Tower

Today we get to talk about a potential Tomb Raider television show, we check out the new Duel Sense Edge controller from PlayStation, and at the end of the podcast, we check out Pizza Tower, a fun mashup of 90's animation and the gameplay of Wario.

War Thunder and the NSA

Today we check out a new game called 'Redfall', we discuss some Naughty Dog news, and we also find out that if you played War Thunder there is good news, the NSA doesn't consider you a threat.


Today we talk about a group of Marines that were given a task to try and outsmart a combat robot and end up defeating it with a box, also, Phil Spencer shares his thoughts on cancel culture, and then we get our first look at EA's PGA Tour that is in the works.