Off The Hook With Gage

by Gage Kenady
Off the Hook presents a delectable smorgasbord of musical offerings from the dawn of recording to the present day. Ranging from playful pop to daunting musical obscurities, ethnic flights to local lights, Off the Hook aims to tickle your ear-bone with scintillating sounds and the opinionated expertise of host Gage Kenady. Off The Hook: the show that shows.

Off The Hook ~September 8, 2023

On today's Show That Shows, we show you what those silly things on the side of your head are for! * In addition to EXCITING NEW SOUNDS, oldies lovers will THRILL to a bumper crop of Birthday Celebrations! * Not only will we have Ticket Giveaways, but KXSF legend, the DJ formerly known as FLYING JAPAN will be making a SURPRISE VISIT to tell his story! * And we'll still find time for some shameless begging for donations! * All in all, what we call GOOD RADIO! on KXSF 10.2FM

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