Off The Hook With Gage

by Gage Kenady
Off the Hook presents a delectable smorgasbord of musical offerings from the dawn of recording to the present day. Ranging from playful pop to daunting musical obscurities, ethnic flights to local lights, Off the Hook aims to tickle your ear-bone with scintillating sounds and the opinionated expertise of host Gage Kenady. Off The Hook: the show that shows.

Off The Hook ~September 1, 2023

Enjoy SILKY SOUNDS in an environment of utter confusion! * How does Kenady turn what should be a walk in the park into a HIGHWIRE ACT? * And why does he speak of himself in the THIRD PERSON? * Because, let's face it, OFF THE HOOK is bigger than the both of them! * Be real for once and get down to sounds that'll have you driving through the park! * OFF THE HOOK, crashing in silk pajamas at 1:00 on KXSF 102.5FM *

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