Off The Hook With Gage

by Gage Kenady
Off the Hook presents a delectable smorgasbord of musical offerings from the dawn of recording to the present day. Ranging from playful pop to daunting musical obscurities, ethnic flights to local lights, Off the Hook aims to tickle your ear-bone with scintillating sounds and the opinionated expertise of host Gage Kenady. Off The Hook: the show that shows.

Off The Hook ~August 25, 2023

OFF THE HOOK: your weekly new music GO-TO. * But, where does your go-to COME FROM? * In a laboratory, surrounded by fuming beakers of pure sound, cackling to himself as he pursues his WARPED musical vision, a modern alchemist seeks a panacea to the problem of dull radio! * His ceaseless curiosity and IDIOSYNCRATIC tastes ensure that, but is the world ready for his weekly monsters? * An on-going experiment in transformational transmissions, it's like magic and passion had a baby! * And every baby is perfect on OFF THE HOOK at 1:00 on KXSF 102.5FM /

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