Off The Hook With Gage

by Gage Kenady
Off the Hook presents a delectable smorgasbord of musical offerings from the dawn of recording to the present day. Ranging from playful pop to daunting musical obscurities, ethnic flights to local lights, Off the Hook aims to tickle your ear-bone with scintillating sounds and the opinionated expertise of host Gage Kenady. Off The Hook: the show that shows.

Off The Hook ~August 18, 2023

He goes his own way with little to say. * On his radio show, OFF THE HOOK, he lets the music do the talking! * He's GAGE KENADY, his maverick status is legendary, and he WANTS YOU to join the ranks of the hoards (soon to be legion) of listeners trying to CRACK the code of THIS man's musical MIND: sweet sailing, then BANG! -there's that bit of dissonance he seems to require! * What makes this man tick?? * Be complicit in his complexity at 1:00 on KXSF 102.5FM  And NO MANG-MANG!

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