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by Fabrizio & Ren
Welcome to Le Fleur Records 💽 Hosted by Ren & Fabrizio, we love music, fashion, cars, art, etc. We’ll talk about anything related to those things.

Le Fleur Records - Circles

Welcome back to Le Fleur Records. Today we talked about our trip to LACMA prior to school beginning and meeting James Blake later in the day. Ren talks about her idea to direct a Toyota commercial. We talk about how school has been going for us, and the outside activities we do. Finally, Fabrizio found the answers.

Le Fleur Records - Ren's Beautiful Seattle Trip, Chess, Ren Attends the Secret Mac Show, Summer Updates, Fabrizio's New Song

Welcome back to Le Fleur Records. Today we discuss Ren's trip to Seattle this summer, Fabrizio explains his chill summer involving chess. Ren attended the secret Mac DeMarco show with Jonathan Reyes. We give our summer updates and Fabrizio dropping a new song, and finally, Utopia is almost here (hopefully).

Le Fleur Records - Catch up, Summer Plans, Boycomma, Sean Shoot 4, Ren's Poetry Book

Welcome back to Le Fleur Records. It's been a little minute. On Today's episode we discuss what life's been like and what it will hopefully look like in the summer. Fabrizio discusses going to Boy, shows, Ren talks about her poetry book that she is working on and her most recent photoshoot with Sean Murray.

Le Fleur Records - What is a Ward "The Girls"?

Welcome back to Le Fleur Records. Today we interviewed the underground band, Ward. Ft Gavin Tirpak, Ryder Watson, and Chris Vasquez. Enjoy.

Le Fleur Records - What is a Ward (The Girls)?

Welcome back to Le Fleur Records. Today we got the underground band Ward.

Le Fleur Records - Feelings We Crave, Ren Meeting Amine, WillsWetWilly, Ryder n Gavin, Photoshoot W/ Sean Murray, Rihanna, Freaky Friday, Boy Comma, Fav Songs RN, Fabrizio's 17 Birthday

Welcome back to Le Fleur Records today we discussed feelings we crave, Ren meeting the beautiful Amine, Ren's new friend Will, Fabrizio working on Freaky Friday, Ren speaks on Rihanna, Fabrizio speaks on new friends Ryder and Gavin. Ren went to the Boy, show and had another photoshoot with Sean. We say our favorite songs right now, and Fabrizio gives his thoughts on being 16 and turning 17.

Le Fleur Records - Rihanna Superbowl Halftime, BOY ON THE RUN by Fabrizio Cuevas Out TN, Let's Start Here, Ice Spice, Concerts, Pharrell LV, Life Without Music, Fear of Growing Up

Welcome back to Le Fleur Records. Today we discuss RIhanna's amazing performance at the superbowl, Fabrizio's new album coming out tonight, Lil Yachty's new album, Ice spice and how fire she is, Concerts we've gone to and will go to, Pharrell becoming creative director of LV men's, how terrible life would be without music, and how we hate growing up.

Le Fleur Records - Who is Memphis Boles?

Welcome back to Le Fleur Records. Today Memphis Boles join us, making him our first official guest.

Le Fleur Records - Ren's Kauai Trip, Fabrizio's New Music, Our Thoughts for 2023, Shaun Im, Ren's Nail Lady, EUNOIA TV

Welcome back to Le Fleur Records and the new year. Today is Ren's first day back from Kauai, and she perfectly describes how she felt throughout the trip. Fabrizio has began releasing his music and has more on the way. Ren and Fabrizio give their thoughts and feelings for the new year. Ren talks about her appreciation for Shaun Im and her nail lady. Finally, Fabrizio talks about his new idea for a TV program called EUNOIA TV.

Le Fleur Records - End of The Year Episode; Reflection PT. 2

Welcome back to Le Fleur Records today we discuss our lives recently and reflect on our 2022.