QSO Today Podcast - Interviews with the leaders in amateur radio

by Eric Guth, 4Z1UG
QSO Today is a weekly conversation, or QSO, between amateur radio operators about ham radio. Eric Guth, 4Z1UG, hosts a new guest every week to talk about their ham radio journey, their specialized expertise in ham radio, and how amateur radio has impacted their personal and professional lives. QSO Today is targeted at anyone interested in amateur radio who wants to learn more about this fascinating hobby.

Rick Palm K1CE

Rick Palm K1CE is a well-known figure in the ham radio community, having spent a career at the ARRL and writing columns and articles that have been widely read and appreciated by fellow enthusiasts. With a particular interest in public safety radio and ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service), Rick has dedicated his time and expertise to ensuring that these critical communication channels remain reliable and effective. Although now retired and based in Florida, Rick remains an active participant in the …

Orv Beach W6BI

Passionate about electronics and radio since childhood, Orv Beach (W6BI) has a knack for digital modes, including CW, RTTY, packet radio, Pactor, Winlink, and AREDN. He has built and manages an extensive AREDN mountain top network in LA and Ventura Counties and delivers lectures globally on accessing this latest digital mode. Learn more about Orv Beach on my QSO Today. #HamRadio #DigitalModes #AREDN #W6BI

Robert Glorioso W1IS

Robert “Bob” Glorioso, W1IS had early beginnings in electronics and radio, encouraged by his father, led Bob to advanced degrees in engineering, a stint in the US Army, and opportunities to be on the cutting edge of technology throughout his career with major corporations and his own startup. The consummate teacher, Bob has developed new hams through courses at the local ARES. W1IS has been a frequent contributor to ham radio publications for over 50 years, is a contributor to …

Bob Witte K0NR

Bob Witte K0NR is the active ham that you want in your community. Bob lives in the Colorado Rocky mountains, operates SOTA on the “teeners”, maintains and operates the local repeaters, and mentors new hams. K0NR is a frequent contributor to the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo and will be a presenter next month. This interview is one that I conducted with Bob more than five years ago, and I am delighted to play it again with the help of …

Fred Cady KE7X

Fred Cady, KE7X, (SK) became a silent key. I thought that in Fred’s memory we should recall his love of radio and electronics that led him to a PhD in Electronic Engineering and found his love of teaching at Montana State University. Fred was the author of 14 books, when I interviewed him in April of 2018, including many on how to operate and use Elecraft transceivers. Fred loved to operate contests and work DX. So this we we will …

Paul Topolski W1SEX

Paul Topolski, W1SEX, was my guest in Episode 133, in February 2017, six years ago. I wanted to reprise this interview as well as point out that Paul is always one of the first to help as a speaker or Expo moderator. Paul was just meters from ground zero working the communications center, when terrorists struck the 2013 Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring hundreds of spectators and participants. Paul shares with me his ham radio story, his experience, and …

Jim Aspinwell NO1PC

Jim Aspinwall, NO1PC, was the fly on the wall, as a kid growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, listening to his dad and friends talk about electronics, radio, and television repair. This led to a “hands on” electronics education that kept him employed from junior high school to this day. As a public safety volunteer, Jim believes that giving back to the community is key to a happy life. Amateur radio, and all of its benefits, is the icing on Jim’s …

Jerry Spring VE6TL

Jerry Spring, VE6TL, like many hams got an early start in amateur radio as a teen, but stepped out of the hobby to nurture a career and family. Upon returning Jerry revisited his love of vintage WW2 gear, vintage transceivers in general, and a love of CW and contesting to make enough contacts for DXCC. ForJerry, both hamshack and workbench are fully operational and busy. VE6TL is my QSO Today.

Thomas Henderson WD5AGO

Thomas, “Tommy” Henderson, WD5AGO, has always found EME or Moonbounce operation on the bands above 6 meters fascinating and worthwhile, making thousands of contacts by phone or CW. Building his own EME rigs has led to deep technical expertise and ham radio success. As a teacher and now department head of the Electronics Technology program at Tulsa Community College, he uses amateur radio to enhance his full curriculum while demonstrating its utility. WD5AGO is my QSO Today.

Quin Schultze K8QS

Quin Schultze, K8QS, began his ham radio journey as a teenager with modest means and found his calling in college where he majored in communications, leading to a doctoral degree. Through Quin’s looking glass we discuss the uniqueness of our ham radio hobby, the communities that form within it, and the real estate in the ether that we tend while on the air. K8QS is my QSO Today.