Private Practice With Soul™

by Dr Brooklyn Storme
Private Practice With Soul is a podcast for therapists who are looking to integrate spirituality into their private practice. In each episode, we explore how therapists can apply spiritual principles to create a thriving private practice that nourishes their soul. We cover topics such as mindfulness, self-compassion, and purpose-driven work, and provide practical tips and tools to help therapists create a practice that aligns with their values and helps them make a positive impact in the world. Whether you are just starting out in private practice or are an experienced therapist looking to incorporate more spiritual practices into your work...

How Long Does it Take to Build a Private Practice?

Let's talk about how long it will take to build a private practice up to the stage where you can release your paid employment! Also, did you know that PP101 walks you through how to calculate the costs of transitioning from paid work to pp and a map to transition? If you'd like to know more about PP101, please contact me on Instagram @theprivatepracticecoach or visit my website: 

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