David C. Smalley

by David C. Smalley
A skeptic comedian wants to know why you believe your beliefs.

#635 - Pastor Paul: Still A Christian?

TikTok Pastor, Paul Swearengin, discusses Only Fans and where he stands with his faith. He talks about MAGA in the Bible, and reveals a truth about himself he wasn't expecting to reveal in the extended show at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley

#634 - Secular Jew: Shelley Segal

David's dear friend Shelley Segal, a secular Jewish woman and incredibly talented singer/songwriter, responds to the Reformed Jew episode.

#633 - Catholic vs. Comedian

Catholic Minister joins Comedian David C. Smalley for a conversation on faith. (It's not very funny)

#632 - Iran Activists

Heartbreaking storeis from inside Iran, and what you can do to help.

#631 - Reformed Jew

Comedian Rich Chassler answers questions on Judaism & David discusses his closest encounter with Spiritualism.

#630 - Schizophrenia

Schizophrenic Hippie from TikTok: Kody Green discusses what it's really like living with the misundesrstood diagnosis.

#629 - Biden Crime Family?

Investigations for everybody!

#628 - Divorcing Religion

Divorcing Religion w/ Janice Selbie

#627 - Atheist Professor Turns Christian

Dr. John Wise, Professor of Philosophy, left Christianity for 25 years, taught philosophy as an atheist, and then returned to his faith.

#626 - Trump Nominated Speaker

Are you ashamed of the word atheist? Was Donald Trump really nominated to be Speaker of the House? The drama continues.