Everyone Loves Guitar

by Craig Garber
We sit down and talk with celebrity guitar players, musicians and industry insiders, who share their backstory, as well as what makes them tick. If you love guitar, music, personal development & meaningful life lessons, then stick around… you’re in the right place.

Robert Jon Burrison - Robert Jon & The Wreck “ENJOY what you’re DOING & have a GOOD TIME DOING IT!”

On this Robert Jon Burrison interview: His 2 Worst Gigs Ever!... How the band’s early commitment to becoming road dogs, and their DIY work ethic, paid off… becoming a father and a husband in the same year… why “slow and steady” wins the race… Robert’s favorite guitars, backstory to some of the band’s greatest hits… being there for friends and family and why this counts… good beer, what Yosemite National Park & New York City have in common, and more Very cool convo!   Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!: http://www.GuitarMerch.com   Robert Jon & The Wreck is an awesome soulful, kick ass blue...

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