Everyone Loves Guitar

by Craig Garber
We sit down and talk with celebrity guitar players, musicians and industry insiders, who share their backstory, as well as what makes them tick. If you love guitar, music, personal development & meaningful life lessons, then stick around… you’re in the right place.

Alex Garcia Interview - Guitarist for BAD BUNNY & top LATIN ARTISTS - DEALING w IMPOSTER SYNDROME

On this Alex Garcia interview: Growing up in Caracas and the sacrifices he made to have a successful career in music… becoming successful without the support of his parents, moving to Miami at age 22 and starting all over - twice!... Cool stories about working with Julio Iglesias Sr., Lou Gramm, Bad Bunny… getting involved in Music Licensing, why he’s willing to be wrong, most EMBARRASSING thing that happened to him - on LIVE TV!... BEST DECISION he ever made, cooking, dealing with imposter syndrome and much more. SUPER COOL guy, awesome, down to earth convo! Cool Guitar...

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