The AutoTrader Podcast

Industry leader AutoTrader has joined forces with pioneering digital content hub CliffCentral to bring you The AutoTrader Podcast – an expert motoring infotainment show. Get behind the wheel with the team for all things motoring, from the more affordable to the most desirable cars, bikes, 4x4s and more.

The ‘Final Countdown’ Episode

Get ready to rev your engines for this week’s episode of The AutoTrader Podcast, SA’s no.1 motoring podcast. Join our dynamic duo, George Mienie and Wandile Sishi, as they gear up for the much-anticipated Final Countdown episode. This week, we’re shifting gears and taking a wild ride into the realm of the undead. Ever wondered how to outlast a Zombie apocalypse in an Electric Vehicle? We’re also unveiling the AutoTrader Podcast Car of the Year, and we’ll be diving into …

The AutoTrader Pod: Apartment on Wheels

Ever wondered what’s the highest mileage a car has accumulated? George Mienie, CEO of AutoTrader, jumps right in and also tells Gareth and Simphiwe about a first of its kind apartment on wheels. Plus, a new spin on the weekly trivia! AutoTrader

The AutoTrader Pod: Black Friday

George Mienie brings some attention to a new electric car on the block... and in his garage. He also tells us about the R25 million savings for Black Friday on AutoTrader. And Themba Robin joins Gareth for the AutoTrader Trivia this week. AutoTrader

The ‘Repo’ Episode

Get ready to rev your engines with this week’s episode of The AutoTrader Podcast, SA’s No.1 Motoring Podcast! Our dynamic duo, George Mienie and Wandile Sishi, are swapping their hats and putting on their banker’s tuxedos in a special ‘Repo’ episode. Ever had nightmares about car repossession? Wondered what it’s all about? Our gents are here to break it down for you, discussing the rising tide of repo rates and the safety nets available to you. And here’s the kicker …

The ‘Safety Month’ Episode

Get ready for a thrilling ride with this week’s episode of The AutoTrader Podcast, SA’s number 1 motoring podcast. Our dynamic duo, George Mienie and Wandile Sishi, are strapping in for a special Safety Month episode. They’ll be diving deep into the crucial topic of Child Safety, shedding light on the major risks children face, and providing practical strategies to mitigate them. But that’s not all! They’re also armed with a treasure trove of safety tips to keep you secure …

The AutoTrader Pod: Deal or No Deal?

George Mienie has found out some interesting news about a Volvo shipping that went wrong. A notorious Lambo has gone on sale from an iconic film, but is the entire package worth the money? And Simphiwe gets some major assistance on the trivia this week. AutoTrader

The ‘Budget Buying’ Episode

This week on The AutoTrader Podcast, SA’s No.1 motoring podcast, our anchor George Mienie and co-host Wandile Sishi are tightening their belts in this ‘budget buying’ episode. They chat about beating inflation, car costs you don’t expect, and popular cars in SA that are winning the wallets of South Africans. Lastly, you know the drill, there’s a bit of F1 talk too. AutoTrader

The AutoTrader Pod: What do the Boks drive?

With the Ballon d'Or making waves all over the world, George Mienie covers the beef between two iconic footballers and their sports cars. George also does a deep dive into the Springboks' car collection... and of course this week’s car trivia. AutoTrader

The ‘Halloween’ Episode

Experience the thrill of the open road with The AutoTrader Podcast, SA’s no.1 motoring podcast! This week, join our dynamic duo, the charismatic and insightful George Mienie and Wandile Sishi, as they delve into the spine-chilling world of haunted cars. Brace yourself for a journey into the unknown, where they unravel eerie tales and discuss the most terrifying incidents that could occur while driving. Buckle up for a ride filled with suspense, mystery, and a dash of automotive knowledge, only …

The AutoTrader Pod: R200k Dream Car

Ben Karpinski has put a challenge out to the GCS Team to find their dream car for a R200k on AutoTrader, but things take a twist when Simphiwe reveals her business venture, that comes with her dream car! AutoTrader