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Job 5:18Pain is a part of life. And it’s in these “crucibles” our identity is shaped. Hard times are a transformative experience.

Two Types of Success

Proverbs 22:6There are two types of success—outside and inside the home. Success in business never makes up for failure in the home. Children don’t need more stuff—the need lots of time and unconditional love.

Tragedy Breeds Calamity

Psalms 46:1-3God doesn’t leave us in the tough times. Even when we question His goodness, He stays near. Psalm 46 says God is our refuge and strength—a very present help in trouble. Whatever you’re going through, God is there and He’s in control.

The Complexities of Womanhood

Esther 2An orphan girl who grew up to be a Queen—Esther was an extraordinary person who saved the entire Jewish nation. Though she lived thousands of years ago, her humility, grace, and courage make Esther an inspiring and relevant role model for women today.

The Book of Beginnings

Genesis The book of Genesis tells the story of how God created the world—and it also tells us a lot about God Himself. If you’ve never read Genesis, you have a great read awaiting you.

Reassurance or Uneasiness

Psalms 27:11We all know what it’s like to get those feelings in the pit of our stomachs when we sense something just isn’t right. In these times it’s important to listen to our intuition and slow down—especially before making a big decision.


Philippians 4:8-9From time to time it’s a good idea to re-examine your priorities. It’s so easy to fill your life with unimportant things, leaving little time for what really matters.

Holding Things Loosely

Proverbs 3:5-6God wants you to hold everything loosely, except His hand. You never know what the future will bring—or take away—but whatever happens, God wants you to trust Him completely.

Divine Healers

James 5:14-16God can and does heal, Scripture makes that clear. But divine healing is something we cannot control. It happens according to God’s perfect will, in His perfect time.

Background Workers

Colossians 3:23-24Being unknown doesn’t mean a person is unimportant. Without the behind-the-scenes support people, very little would get done. If you’re in the background, never doubt the significant impact you make with your loyalty, commitment, and support.