How Was Your Week, Honey?

by Chris Maier
Each week, Kristin and her husband Chris will catch up with the ongoings of each other's week as well as discuss various topics from entertainment, news, music and sports.

347: Cowboys, Flags, and Churches

This week, the Maiers get together after returning from their weekend getaway to Spokane, Washington. Topics include: dog sitting, gin, more MRI's, trains, Coulee Dam, pot store, Riverfront Park, AMC Theater, Krispy Kreme, Target, SOW, Tay Tay and Kelce, and 80's cheese. Reach Us: @kmaemaier @chrismaierbc @hwywhoney

346: I Can't Call it That!

This week, the Maier's get together to discuss: the Demon Car, Winnipeg sayings, Mid-wives, some crazy kid stories, haircuts, cancelled trip, SOW, more Taylor, and dream songs. Reach Us: @kmaemaier @chrismaierBC @hwywhoney

345: Fig-ure It Out

This week, the Maier's get together after the first week of school, and a day of wine touring, to discuss: dog sitters, fall cocktails, Duncan Keith, virginity, missing the bus, paying it forward, date day, SOW, school mornings, and The Gorge. Reach Us: @kmaemaier @chrismaierbc @hwywhoney

344: Tequila Tales

This week the Maier's get together to discuss: posting life, travelling, South Korea, fall margaritas, Jimmy Buffett, bad tequila stories, ladder spill, SOW, rock slides and fall play lists. Reach Us: @kmaemaier @chrismaierbc @hwywhoeny

343: Summer's End

As the weather cools down and the days begin to get shorter, the Maier's get together to talk: weather change, 4 day weeks, fire update, Truth and Freedom Convoy, travel ban, tension, basketball thieves, SOW, and Rick House. Reach Us: @kmaemaier @chrismaierbc @hwywhoney

342: When Smoke Gets In Your Eye

This week, the Maier's get together during the worst fire(s) the Okanagan Valley has seen in 20 years. Topics include: hosting, fire, smoke, country on fire, Bill C-18, more fires, hurricanes, SOW, and fire songs. Fire. Reach Us: @kmaemaier @chrismaierbc @hwywhoney

341: Life's a Peach

This week, the Maier's get together during Penticton's Peach Festival to discuss: getting hurt, Crown Royal, eating out, Lace anniversary, Tay Tay tix, Lil Tay, Parades, aging kids, SOW, free concerts, and cover songs. Reach Us: @kmaemaier @chrismaierbc @hwywhoney

340: Siren Soup

This week, the Maier's attempt to record amongst the sounds of their neighbourhood firefighters and policeman keeping them safe. Topics include: dog smells, Rae and Jerry's, gazpacho, Sophie and Justin, Trudeau rally, influencers, other people's kids, sneaking out, SOW, more dogs, and country music. Reach Us: @kmaemaier @chrismaierbc @hwywhoney

339: Millions of Peaches

This week, the Maier's continue their summer adventures. Topics include: Dog sitting, summer cocktails, Eagle Bluff fire, drum lessons, teenage shopping, the Palmer Files, SOW, and more summer tunes! Listen to Kristin on The Palmer Files Podcast here: Reach Us: @kmaemaier @chrismaierbc @hwywhoney

338: Who's Listening?

This week, Kristin gets a few things off her chest! Topics include: better communicating, stalking, your teen years, Grapefruit Paloma, Jazz Kool, Superstore, the Corn Man, summer movies, SOW, Zellers, and RIP Tony Bennett. Reach Us: @chrismaierbc @kmaemaier @hwywhoney